5 Reasons to use Always Discreet

  In a perfect world, there would be no need for many things. Diets — medicines — exercise — Always Discreet Liners. Alas, if you’re a woman, you most likely know that times do exist when Always Discreet comes in handy. Here are my top 5 reasons to use Always Discreet: You had a new […]

College Orientation, 2015-Style

I’m back from 2 days of college orientation with my oldest daughter. As I sat in hours of parent meetings, I just kept thinking — wow, how things have changed since I did this for myself, 32 years ago. Of course, I’ve never attended orientation before as a parent. My mom informs me that my […]

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Menu Plan Monday! It’s been a busy week here, and honestly, I have felt pretty depressed about the events in our nation. As a family-friendly blogger, I feel a real responsibility to review and recommend only companies I can feel good about supporting as a Christian. Over the weekend, I chose to remove my […]

Tea Collection Summer Styles

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I’ve blogged about Tea Collection before — they offer adorable clothing for kids, ages 0-12. How about a look at some fun summer styles, especially since Tea Collection is currently offering an extra 20% off […]

Book Chat June 2015

Book reviews contain affiliate links.   There’s a lot going on in The Upper Zoo. The story is told by Jonathan Richman, an 8th grader who, as an underachiever, has been placed into a special class known as the “upper zoo” (yes, there’s also a lower zoo, and those kids are in even worse shape). […]

Menu Plan Monday 6-22-2015

  Happy summer to all you readers! It officially began yesterday, June 21, although it has seemed like summer for a while. This is a busy week here, with the two younger girls finishing up summer gym classes (Yay! Now I think all my girls are finished with gym class forever!), and the oldest heading […]

Starbucks Cards Being Hacked

Starbucks is a great place to get a delicious drink or a tasty pastry. But if you have a Starbucks registered account, are you at risk of having it hacked? Mine was. Yours may be, too. A popular gift to give a piano teacher, apparently, is a Starbucks card, and I’ve received several. One of […]