Piano Valentine Treats

I like to give my piano students a little treat at Valentine’s Day. What to give that is fun and yet doesn’t cost much? This year for my piano valentine treats, I decided to fill snack-size bags with gummy bears and add a topper saying “You’re a Beary Good Student.” I had seen this idea […]

How Long Does it Take to Learn to Play the Piano?

I’ve been teaching piano lessons for years — in fact, I probably began giving lessons 35 years ago! I haven’t given lessons all those years continuously, but let’s just say I am experienced as a piano teacher. One question people who are interested in taking lessons often ask is, “How long do I have to […]

How to Dust a High Gloss Piano

Glossy Finish Can Be a Challenge to Maintain I was so excited to get a grand piano several years ago. However, I quickly learned that its high gloss finish attracted dust faster than honey draws bees. I wanted a clean piano. How could I effectively dust a piano with a high-gloss finish? Micro-fiber Cloth My […]

Buying a Piano: Digital or Acoustic?

Buying a piano is a big decision and a large investment. One of the first considerations is whether to buy an acoustic piano or its newer sibling, the digital piano. What’s the Difference – Acoustic vs. Digital An acoustic piano is the piano you knew growing up. It produces sound through a soundboard and strings […]