Menu Plan Monday 12/11/17

Happy Christmasy menu plan Monday to you all! This last week involved trying to get over some type of virus which went into bronchitis for me. I had bronchitis once, 21 years ago, and I haven’t forgotten it. Thankfully this is a lighter case. I was also busy preparing for my annual Christmas piano recital […]

Menu Plan Monday 11/27/17

Happy Menu Plan Monday to you all! I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. It always seems like there is such a lead-up to the more major holidays, and then they are over so quickly. Such was the case with Thanksgiving, and probably will be with Christmas as well. We visited out of state for […]

Menu Plan Monday 11/12/17

Happy Menu Plan Monday to all you friends out in internet land. This week, marching band season ended for another year. Up above you see daughter #3’s band going onto the field at BOA grand nationals. They ended up 13th out of the 100 bands there. Wouldn’t you know, only the top 12 got to […]

Menu Plan Monday 11-6-17

Hello, Menu Plan Monday friends! I am really tired on Sunday as I write this, but never fear; I will not let you down 🙂 Saturday all day I went to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. All three daughters were there; the youngest was participating with her band in state marching band finals. This is […]

Menu Plan Monday 10/30/17

Yes, there are some of the cake rolls residing in one of the freezers (see last week if you missed out on this). Some have already been distributed, and more will make their way to new homes this week. We bought a couple and they are really delicious! It was a busy week, as usual. […]

Menu Plan Monday 10/23/17

Happy Menu Plan Monday, everyone! This is the first week of the season where we have snow predicted on the forecast — for this coming Sunday morning. I hope it won’t happen that soon, although the first snow is always exciting. And the weather is turning quickly, considering that yesterday I still was taking daily […]

Menu Plan Monday 10/9/17

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday! I am relieved the weekend is over. It wasn’t relaxing at all, but it was filled with fun events. Near the end of last week, you might remember I went to my mom’s. I hadn’t realized that the timing coincided with the town’s Oktoberfest, so I spent a little time […]

Menu Plan Monday 10/2/17

Happy October, menu planners and friends! It was a great weekend here — lovely weather in the 60s (which was especially appreciated after the unusual upper 80s we’ve had recently), and a marching band festival hosted by our school on Saturday. I always volunteer at this and it is something I look forward to each […]

Menu Plan Monday 9/25/17

Happy 90-degree autumn Menu Plan Monday to all you friends out there. What crazy weather we’ve been having here in the Midwest. Daughter #3 survived her 22-hour day in Toledo over the weekend with the band performing twice in an outdoor stadium with full uniforms on. At the Indiana competition where the band usually spends […]