Menu Plan Monday 4/25/2016

Hello, friends! I hope you had a good week. Mine had a fun surprise. My middle daughter and I went to see Heidi Cruz when she came to town to open Ted Cruz’s campaign office here. We were in this crowded room, not knowing if we’d be able to see her above the taller heads […]

Menu Plan Monday 4-18-2016

Happy Menu Plan Monday to all, and I’m happy to report that the weather has been wonderful here this week. I hope yours is as well! This was a busy week as usual. I had fun helping host a writer’s night at the high school here, where seniors in the AP language composition class read […]

Menu Plan Monday 4/11/2016

Happy menu plan Monday to all of you out there! This past week was our spring break, but unfortunately it wasn’t very spring-like. We had snow a few times, and lows in the 20s. Here’s hoping to a big improvement SOON! I was envious of my many piano families who were in Florida or other […]

Menu Plan Monday 4/3/2016

Post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. It’s spring break here, but you wouldn’t know it by the weather. I took this photo Saturday night, when there were high winds, and sleetish snow blowing all around — blizzard conditions, if there had been more snow. Not ideal for April, when I’d like to […]

Menu Plan Monday 3-21-2016

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday! This has been a really nice week here; as I said earlier, my oldest daughter was home from college for spring break. It was really nice to have all three girls home. Of course, they have been for many years, but once they start leaving you realize you miss them! […]

Menu Plan Monday 3/14/2016

Hi everyone; I hope it’s a good Monday where you are. It is here — my oldest daughter came home from college Friday for her spring break. There’s something really nice about having all the girls at home again. She also enjoys cooking and in fact said the two things she misses most while at […]

Menu Plan Monday 3/7/2016

Welcome to another Menu Plan Monday! I’m planning menus for the week today with a slight case of the flu, which isn’t the ideal way to do it — but it must be done, so … The week ahead looks like a good one. Our temperatures should be in the 60s, which is quite a […]

Menu Plan Monday 2-29-2016

Welcome to a spring-like Menu Plan Monday! Yes, it’s still February, but just barely. Being leap year, this is our “bonus” February day. Here, it’s in the mid 60s today and I am loving it. I played for a violinist at state ISSMA contest yesterday and we didn’t even need our coats. I am ready […]

Menu Plan Monday 2/22/2016

Hi everyone — how has your week been? I have really loved our weather the past few days. We probably made it up to 60 degrees over the weekend, which felt very springlike. Daughter #3 and I went to bonsai club at a local library branch which has begun a seed bank. I “checked out” […]

Menu Plan Monday 2/8/2016

Happy February Menu Plan Monday! It’s been a good, rather quiet week here. I was able to fit lunches with a few friends in among my piano students. Today, I’m planning to bake cupcakes for the piano kids as Valentine’s gifts. I bought a kit with penguin cupcake toppers to (hopefully) make them look a […]