How did King Ludwig II Die?

Post contains affiliate links. You’ve probably heard of “mad” King Ludwig here and there — he’s the 19th century Bavarian king who built Neuschwanstein, arguably the world’s most famous castle. You may even know that his death was surrounded in mystery. When did he die? June 13, 1886: 131 years ago today. How did King […]

Ludwig II Movies

Post contains affiliate links. Ludwig II Movies If you’re planning to visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, or if you’re otherwise interested in Ludwig II, the quirky, moody, sensitive 19th century Bavarian king, I recommend my book on him. Sometimes, though, you want to watch a film instead of reading a book. I think I’ve watched […]

Linderhof Palace and Versailles Petit Trianon

Post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. You may remember from reading Not So Happily Ever After: The Tale of King Ludwig II, that the “mad” king built three castles: the famous Neuschwanstein, the island Versailles replica Herrenchiemsee, and the “jewel in the valley,” Linderhof. Let’s take a closer look at Linderhof, since […]

Mad King Ludwig’s Beautiful Murals

Post contains affiliate links. If you’ve read much at all about Mad King Ludwig II, you know that he was a total sucker for brightly colored, large, dramatic murals. A good example is his study at Neuschwanstein. Check out the walls, with scenes depicting ancient German legends and/or Wagner operas. At another of his palaces, […]

An Interview with Mad King Ludwig

The most amazing thing has happened today. I came across an interview with one of my very favorite historical characters, “Mad” King Ludwig II of Bavaria. He was famous in his youth for his dashing good looks. A mere 15 years later, he was almost unrecognizeable — bloated and showing the effects of a lifetime […]