Little Tales: Little People Village Post Office

Last time we met, we explored the Fisher Price Village Fire Station. Next on the block: the post office. Here you’ll see Clancy mailing a letter through the handy mail slot in the front of the building. Inside, you’ll see where the letters fall. Of course, the truck loading zone is there too, as well […]

Little Tales: Little People Village Fire Station

It was a great Christmas the year my sister and I received the Fisher Price Little People Village. So many businesses and other treasures, all in one amazing toy! I’ve recounted Clancy’s bachelor pad, our town’s nod to diversity, in an earlier post. Today, how about a little stroll down to the village fire station? […]

Little Tales: Fisher Price Castle

For most of my growing-up years, it was my and my sister, who was 3 years younger. When we got “matching” gifts of any sort, it always seemed to me that my sister came out ahead. For instance, several times we were given a boy/girl set of dolls, and inevitably I was given the boy, […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Little People Fun

Post may contain affiliate links If you’ve read my memoir, you no doubt remember how much my sisters and I love Fisher Price Little People, or “kids” as we called them. So here’ a blast from the past: my sister and I with our little people sitting at a very long table we made from […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Toys

Ah, vintage toys. I saw this ad in a magazine recently, and it reminded me of my childhood Fisher Price toys: Either my sisters or I had many of the above-pictured toys – ah, the fond memories. Fisher Price “Little People” were probably my favorite toy of all time, as I have written about earlier. […]