Redbubble Leggings: Review

Thanks, Redbubble, for leggings to review in this post, which contains affiliate links. Leggings are really popular these days, and that’s no surprise. They are stretchy and comfortable. No stiff fabrics or zippers — just comfort. Kind of like wearing pajama pants. Ahhhh …. Redbubble leggings I recently learned about Redbubble leggings. Redbubble is an […]

The Ocean at the End of the Lane: Review

The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a difficult book to review. Much of it is fantasy, and you really have to read the book to get a feel for it. As the story begins, an unnamed man has returned to his childhood home to attend a funeral. But he takes a detour […]

My Teenage Zombie: Review

I’ve had the blessing and — let’s be real — challenge of raising three teenage daughters. I remember when one of the girls was about 15, walking down the hall ahead of me at a school function. I asked her something, but she didn’t answer me. So I asked again. She turned around and angrily […]

Little Bunny Board Books: Review

Easter is coming. If you’re like me, you will have lots of bunny decor around your house. It’s the perfect time to introduce your littlest family members to these sweet animals with a couple of new board books: Uh Oh, Bunny and No, No, Bunny. Little Bunny Board Books Each of these board books is […]

Year of No Clutter: Review

Post contains affiliate links When it comes to stuff, are you a keeper or a pitcher? I grew up a keeper for sure, although as I get older I’m morphing more into a pitcher. Still, I tend to be sentimental about things, which greatly complicates the situation. So I felt like I’d found a soulmate […]

Candy Club: Review

Thanks, Candy Club, for a box for this affiliate post review. Candy. Pretty much everyone likes it, right? If you don’t like chocolate candy, surely you like sour candy. Or if sour isn’t your thing, how about peppermint or gummy candies? Whatever your preference, what about if a box of candy arrived at your doorstep […]