A Writer’s Life

The writing life — it ain’t always easy. People tend to think anyone can write, and in some respects that’s true. However, next time you think this, take a look at comments on Facebook. Read over an email. Sure, people may not be putting their best efforts out there in these types of communications, but […]

Clapping in Church

Do you clap in church? Perhaps I should clarify a little. Do you clap along to the music played in church? If you attend a charismatic church, you’d probably say, “Sure!” If you’re Episcopalian, more likely you’d answer, “Of course not.” But there’s a vast in-between out there. Growing up, I went to a mostly […]

How Much Clothes Do You Buy?

Last week, I ordered 3 pairs of pants and a shirt from Old Navy — and I felt a bit guilty. I tend to wear the same few pairs of pants and the same shirts over and over, and I didn’t really need any new ones. Maybe I shouldn’t have felt so bad. I read […]

Skills Your Grandma Had …

Recently, I read this article about about skills your grandma had that we (ie, folks nowadays) don’t. I figured it would feature things like “talking face-to-face instead of electronically,” and yes, there’s a nod to that, but some of the other “skills” listed kind of surprised me. Number one was “cooking from scratch.” Maybe it’s […]

Can I Be More Attractive?

Recently I was paging through a 1962 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, when I came across this little gem: ASK YOURSELF: Can I Be More Attractive? Every woman, single or married, wants to be attractive. But her personal charm depends even more on the attributes of her personality than on physical beauty. It is their […]

Can You Walk Any Slower?

Recently, I attended a performance downtown with one of the girls. As we were making the obligatory trek to the car afterwards, my daughter was moving significantly faster than I was along the city sidewalks.  I enjoyed watching her leap ahead of me. Apparently, though, she wasn’t enjoying it as much as I was, because […]

Piano Lessons as Therapy

You don’t give piano lessons for as many years as I have without learning a few lessons yourself. When I first began teaching, I assumed all students would be pretty much like myself: dutifully practice their songs in each book each day, having them ready for lesson day. I was wrong. Sure, there are a […]


Invisible. Have you ever felt invisible? Throughout my life, I’ve had the distinct sensation of feeling that way more often than not. Being the person in the background — the one on the edge of the photo, if I’m in the photo at all. Not often asked what I think, not frequently sought out. Often […]