Book Questions

Several weeks ago, Barbara at Stray Thoughts tagged me to answer these book questions. Here goes: Do you remember the first book you read or really liked? Hard to answer, since books have always been part of my life. When I was really young, I enjoyed a dog book called “Jiggers.” When I was in […]

Musings While Listening to the Philharmonic

Thoughts I had while watching a local philharmonic orchestra concert … The men in the orchestra all look so nice; white ties and tuxes. The women, meanwhile? All over the place. Some have on flowy black dresses, but others … black tops and stretchy pants? Note to self: clingy polyester tops after age 50 are […]

FAFSA: Famously Anti-Fair Student Aid?

Ah, the FAFSA — or, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, as it’s officially known. Me, I’m dubbing it the Famously Anti-Fair Student Aid application.   When my oldest daughter was busy applying to colleges, a bit over a year ago, I remember often reading that she should fill out the FAFSA. “Millions of […]

Turning on the Chimes

Have you ever wished you could just push a button and make someone happy? I’m fortunate, because I’ve found a way to do that very thing. Let me explain. I play organ once or twice a month at a small country church. A year or so ago, after a service, one of the ladies from […]

Starbucks Cards Being Hacked

Starbucks is a great place to get a delicious drink or a tasty pastry. But if you have a Starbucks registered account, are you at risk of having it hacked? Mine was. Yours may be, too. A popular gift to give a piano teacher, apparently, is a Starbucks card, and I’ve received several. One of […]

How Cell Phones Have Changed Us

It was fun over the weekend to observe, for my first time, an Academic Super Bowl. My youngest daughter was on her school’s team. I learned many things, mostly centering around how much I don’t know. What is an abundant number*? Tell me something about Thisbe. Lots (and lots and lots) of things about volcanoes […]

The Best Time of Your Life

This is it: the final April day that I’ll have all three of my girls living here at home with me. I could feel the tears rising, and must admit to becoming a bit verklempt. It wasn’t the first time. I tend to feel that way many times — like I want to capture a […]

A Writer’s Life

The writing life — it ain’t always easy. People tend to think anyone can write, and in some respects that’s true. However, next time you think this, take a look at comments on Facebook. Read over an email. Sure, people may not be putting their best efforts out there in these types of communications, but […]

Clapping in Church

Do you clap in church? Perhaps I should clarify a little. Do you clap along to the music played in church? If you attend a charismatic church, you’d probably say, “Sure!” If you’re Episcopalian, more likely you’d answer, “Of course not.” But there’s a vast in-between out there. Growing up, I went to a mostly […]