IoT, The Internet of Things: What is It?

Have you heard of the Internet of Things (also known as IoT)? I admit that I had not. But, it’s a thing – a big thing these days.   According to Wikipedia, the Internet of Things is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and […]

Piano Lessons as Therapy

Today, a blast from the past, brought to you courtesy of John Jesensky. *** You don’t give piano lessons for as many years as I have without learning a few lessons yourself. When I first began teaching, I assumed all students would be pretty much like myself: dutifully practice their songs in each book each […]

I Feel Bad About My Neck

**This post contains no photos, in an effort to not make the aging author feel even worse about herself. Several years ago, I read an excerpt in a magazine from a book called I Feel Bad About my Neck. It was a book about aging. I remember that title seeming like an odd choice to […]

Hydration Nation

I first remember noticing it a few years after I’d graduated from high school. I was watching a local parade, and was excited to see the marching band I’d formerly been a member of pass by. The flags girls (I’d been one, reluctantly), the majorettes, the woodwinds, the brass instruments … the parents, misting the […]


The other day, I was singing along as a piano student played a piece. It was in her popular songs book, and, as is often the case, these “popular” songs are circa 1960. The student had never even heard of most of them. This week’s was the Armour Hot Dog song. And off we went […]

Book Questions

Several weeks ago, Barbara at Stray Thoughts tagged me to answer these book questions. Here goes: Do you remember the first book you read or really liked? Hard to answer, since books have always been part of my life. When I was really young, I enjoyed a dog book called “Jiggers.” When I was in […]

Musings While Listening to the Philharmonic

Thoughts I had while watching a local philharmonic orchestra concert … The men in the orchestra all look so nice; white ties and tuxes. The women, meanwhile? All over the place. Some have on flowy black dresses, but others … black tops and stretchy pants? Note to self: clingy polyester tops after age 50 are […]

Turning on the Chimes

Have you ever wished you could just push a button and make someone happy? I’m fortunate, because I’ve found a way to do that very thing. Let me explain. I play organ once or twice a month at a small country church. A year or so ago, after a service, one of the ladies from […]