Karen Pence and Her Platform as Second Lady

I have to admit it: I love Karen Pence. Part of it is that she, like me, is a Hoosier. Part of it is her down-to-earth nature, and the way she just looks like a regular woman. Melania and Ivanka Trump are gorgeous, no doubt, but most of us can relate better to Karen. She’s […]

Carryn Owens: Facts

If you watched President Trump’s address to Congress last week, you undoubtedly took note of the evening’s most emotional moment, when he recognized Carryn Owens. Who is Carryn Owens, and how about learning a little more about her? Carryn was invited to be a guest at the speech on January 30, the day after her […]

Hoosier Vice Presidents

Happy Inauguration Day! Since I’ve lived in Indiana for all except two years of my life, I thought it would be fun to celebrate by looking at all the Hoosier Vice Presidents we’ve had. Why not Presidents? Well, no Presidents were born in Indiana. William Henry Harrison, 9th President of the United States, served as […]

Barron Trump Facts

Tiffany, Barron, and Melania Trump at the Republican National Convention, By VOA News (official facebook) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Once January 20 arrives, there will be a new young first son — Barron Trump. While recent years have seen several Presidents with young daughters (Obama,  Bush 43, and Clinton come to mind), there hasn’t […]


The other day, I was singing along as a piano student played a piece. It was in her popular songs book, and, as is often the case, these “popular” songs are circa 1960. The student had never even heard of most of them. This week’s was the Armour Hot Dog song. And off we went […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Nixon Resigns

It’s election season. Most people seem to fall into one of two groups: those who enjoy all things election-related, and those who hate them or don’t pay attention to them. I’m definitely in the former group; always have been. Johnson was President when I was born, but Nixon is the first President I really remember. […]

Melania Trump Recipes: Apple Napoleons

Melania Trump Recipes — an unlikely search, because, I’m doubting that a woman of Melania Trump’s net worth does much cooking. If you were worth billions, would you? Sure, I might drop in with an occasional menu plan Monday, but that’s a task I’d be quite happy to delegate to those more talented than I. […]

A Tale of Two Rallies

Trump Rally, Cruz Rally We Hoosiers don’t get a lot of attention during Presidential election years, due to our May primary. Usually, the nominees are pretty well decided by then. This year, of course, has been anything but typical. Hearing “Indiana is the most crucial state yet” is pretty fun! Attending a Donald Trump Rally […]