The Mill on the Floss

The Mill on the Floss was one of my favorite books ever when I read it a decade or so back. I recently had a break in my reading, and decided to download it to my kindle (free, since it’s an older book) and read it again, to see how it seemed to me now. […]

Menu Plan Monday 10/30/17

Yes, there are some of the cake rolls residing in one of the freezers (see last week if you missed out on this). Some have already been distributed, and more will make their way to new homes this week. We bought a couple and they are really delicious! It was a busy week, as usual. […]

Janie and Jack 2017 Mommy and Me Holiday Collection

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I was compensated for this post Janie and Jack is an online retailer famous for its quality kids’ clothes. It probably comes as no surprise that, this time of year, they’re introducing a holiday collection. […]

Piano Lessons as Therapy

Today, a blast from the past, brought to you courtesy of John Jesensky. *** You don’t give piano lessons for as many years as I have without learning a few lessons yourself. When I first began teaching, I assumed all students would be pretty much like myself: dutifully practice their songs in each book each […]

In the Middle of the Mess: Review

I heard Sheila Walsh speak at a women’s conference a few years ago. I’ve always liked her — she comes across, both in her speaking and in her writing, as genuine and insightful. When Handlebar offered me a review copy of her latest book, In the Middle of the Mess, I was happy to read […]

Menu Plan Monday 10/23/17

Happy Menu Plan Monday, everyone! This is the first week of the season where we have snow predicted on the forecast — for this coming Sunday morning. I hope it won’t happen that soon, although the first snow is always exciting. And the weather is turning quickly, considering that yesterday I still was taking daily […]