Menu Plan Monday 2/20/17

What a great weekend of weather we have had — it was in the mid 60s! I walked our entire neighborhood each day of the weekend. I couldn’t believe it. It felt like May or June instead of February. My only worry is that a week of this (as is expected) may trick flowers and […]

Childhood Memories Friday: The Clothesline

Did you have a clothesline as a child? I did, in both of the childhood homes I really remember. This photo is at the home where I lived during my teenage years. It shows my Italian penpal and her friend hanging out our clothes during their visit to America. Yes, we gave them a true […]

Ludwig II Movies

Post contains affiliate links. Ludwig II Movies If you’re planning to visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, or if you’re otherwise interested in Ludwig II, the quirky, moody, sensitive 19th century Bavarian king, I recommend my book on him. Sometimes, though, you want to watch a film instead of reading a book. I think I’ve watched […]

Hydration Nation

I first remember noticing it a few years after I’d graduated from high school. I was watching a local parade, and was excited to see the marching band I’d formerly been a member of pass by. The flags girls (I’d been one, reluctantly), the majorettes, the woodwinds, the brass instruments … the parents, misting the […]