Year of No Clutter: Review

Post contains affiliate links When it comes to stuff, are you a keeper or a pitcher? I grew up a keeper for sure, although as I get older I’m morphing more into a pitcher. Still, I tend to be sentimental about things, which greatly complicates the situation. So I felt like I’d found a soulmate […]

Menu Plan Monday 3/6/17

Happy Menu Plan Monday, everyone! I usually write these posts on Sunday afternoon, but things got away from me and it’s Sunday evening, almost time for the Victoria finale on PBS. Are you watching? The girls and I are enjoying it. It’s been a busy weekend with some dog-sitting for a friend, accompanying a student […]

Candy Club: Review

Thanks, Candy Club, for a box for this affiliate post review. Candy. Pretty much everyone likes it, right? If you don’t like chocolate candy, surely you like sour candy. Or if sour isn’t your thing, how about peppermint or gummy candies? Whatever your preference, what about if a box of candy arrived at your doorstep […]

Menu Plan Monday 2/28/17

Happy menu plan Monday to all you friends in internet land. The picture shows my Saturday — traveling to the state capital for state solo contest, where I played piano for three students. There’s always so much chaos, excitement, and energy around these contests. People happy. People sad. People hurrying. Hot rooms. Cold rooms. More […]