Menu Plan Monday 1/2/17

Happy New Year to each of you! I hope you each welcomed in the new year and are excited about at least some aspects of it. And if you aren’t — come up with some fun ideas for yourself. Yesterday at church, the pastor said something like if we were all waiting for someone else […]

Girls in White Dresses Top 2016 Posts

2016 will soon be history. But before we say goodbye for one last time, let’s review which blog posts got the most traffic during the year — even though some of them weren’t even written in 2016. Did you miss any of them? 10. Meet Karen Pence, Indiana’s First Lady — no surprise that there’s […]

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin: Review

Queen Victoria: what do you know about her? In my case, despite my interest in British royalty, not a whole lot. I knew she was married to Prince Albert. I thought they had several children. Beyond that … So, I was an ideal candidate to read “Victoria” by Daisy Goodwin. The book has a gorgeous […]

Go2 Compression Socks: Review

Thanks to Go2 Compression Socks for review product — all opinions mine 🙂 Do your legs ever get tired? I’m happy to say mine really don’t. But, when I was offered some Go2 Compression Socks to review, I still thought I’d like to try them out. And, WOW. Go2 Compression Socks I put on the […]

Menu Plan Monday 12/19/16

Welcome to the week before Christmas version of Menu Plan Monday! What is new in your world? Here, it has been a really cold week — actually, a really wintry month. I read in the Sunday paper that we’ve gotten 10.4″ of snow this month. Last year at this time, we got .2″. And, Sunday […]

Butterfinger Brownie Bites

I visited Dollar General earlier this week, although I must admit that I’m not a regular Dollar General shopper. In fact, I had to look up addresses online to learn where to find them in my fair city. But once I arrived, I was glad to be there, because Dollar General savings abounded. There were […]

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Trivia

It’s Nutcracker season, and you probably know that the composer of that famous ballet is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky — or as we more often refer to him, Peter Tchaikovsky. How about some trivia on the great composer? Tchaikovsky wrote three of the world’s most famous ballets: The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Sleeping Beauty. He also […]

A Spectacle of Glory: Review

Thanks, Handlebar Publishing, for a copy of this book for this review, which contains affiliate links. Remember Joni Eareckson? I first heard about her during my youth. She was a teen who had a diving accident, breaking her neck and becoming a quadriplegic. I read her original book, Joni, and was impressed by her strong […]