Best Baby Boomer TV Shows for Kids

Let’s face it: your kids’ favorite shows can get old after awhile. Never fear – you can tune in to some classic TV programs for a walk down memory lane. Your kids will likely love them as well. Best bets: Little House on the Prairie You probably grew up tuning in each week to see […]

IO Blocks Kids on the Block Party

Blocks. No matter how high-tech toys become, kids still seem to be drawn to the simple things — like blocks. I played with blocks growing up. My sister and I built churches and houses for our Fisher Price Little People with them. My own girls loved creating complex designs with blocks, too. Well, blocks are […]

Baby Wren and the Great Gift: Review

**Thanks to BookLook Bloggers for a review copy or Baby Wren and the Great Gift. Looking for a sweet gift for a new baby, or for any child really, up to the early elementary years? Give Baby Wren and the Great Gift a look. Its illustrations are lovely. The story is about baby wren, and […]

Menu Plan Monday 5/9/2016

Happy Menu Plan Monday! It’s been a busy week here, with the annual celebration of all three girls’ birthdays over the weekend. We made the Brick Street Chocolate Cake I posted the recipe for last week. You can see it on the left in the photo at the top. It was delicious — very chocolatey […]

Play the Piano in One Day

Play the Piano in One Day … hmmm. Is it possible? The answer is yes, according to an ad from the 1948 vintage comic book “Gangsters Can’t Win” (I recently sold several old comic books that had belonged to my mother-in-law, but I couldn’t resist paging through them first). The first thing that amused me […]

Did God Really Say That?

The other day, I saw a fancy poster-like quote on Facebook: God says “the reason why some people have turned against you and have walked away from you without reason … has nothing to do with you. It is because I have removed them from your life because they cannot go where I am taking […]

ESV Family Devotional Bible: Review

Thanks to Flyby Promotions for a review copy of this ESV Family Devotional Bible, as well as for the one to giveaway. No compensation received for this review, which contains affiliate links. Did you grow up with a familiar Bible or Bible storybook? I did, and I still have our family’s copy. It’s called Egermeier’s […]

A Tale of Two Rallies

Trump Rally, Cruz Rally We Hoosiers don’t get a lot of attention during Presidential election years, due to our May primary. Usually, the nominees are pretty well decided by then. This year, of course, has been anything but typical. Hearing “Indiana is the most crucial state yet” is pretty fun! Attending a Donald Trump Rally […]

Menu Plan Monday 5/2/2016

Hi everyone! Happy Menu Plan Monday! How has your week been? It’s been busy here as usual, and the week ahead will be as well. This is such an exciting year to live in Indiana. Our primary election is tomorrow, and most Presidential election years we get pretty much no attention, since the nominees are […]