All Saints: Movie

Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing me the movie trailer and 2 movie tickets, as well as this prize for the giveaway.  Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  I did receive 2 movie tickets in exchange for this review and post. Looking for an […]

Crazy 8: 2017 Denim Collection for Back to School

Crazy 8 post contains affiliate links and they will compensate me if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I was compensated for this post. Crazy 8 is a great place to do some back-to-school shopping for your kids! When my girls were little, I often shopped garage sales for clothing for them. But […]

Jurassic Park: Review

Anybody out there who hasn’t seen the movie “Jurassic Park”? Even *I* have seen it (admittedly years and years ago), so I figure most of you probably have as well. My foggy memories of the book including a lot of hub bub over amber, and a dramatic scene with kids in an industrial kitchen, being […]

Menu Plan Monday 7/31/17

Happy final-day-of-July Menu Plan Monday! I hope you’ve all had a good week. Here, the highlight was marching band camp beginning for daughter #3. Here you can see a picture. They’re just starting to find their locations for the various places in the show that they learn. The weather has been pretty good so far […]

Teaching Kids to Write Thank You Notes

Thank you notes — they’re important. No, they’re not a matter of life and death. But, they’re part of the “grease” that keeps the engine of our society running smoothly and pleasantly. And if there’s something we could use a little more of in today’s world, it’s a little pleasantness. Teaching Kids to Write Thank […]

Fighting a Poison Ivy Allergy

I consider myself fortunate that I’m not allergic to much. My kids, on the other hand, have several allergies. I have seen from their experiences what a pain allergies can be in many ways. First, there’s the issue of determining what is causing an allergic reaction. Then, you have to determine how to best treat […]

The Road to Jonestown: Review

About a year and a half ago, I read and reviewed a book about the Jonestown tragedy. The topic so fascinated me that, when I saw that another book on the topic was out, I wanted to read it as well. That book is “The Road to Jonestown.” Jim Jones The Road to Jonestown is […]

Menu Plan Monday 7/24/17

Happy steamy Menu Plan Monday, everyone! I say steamy because yesterday we took a trip to Indiana Dunes, and it really was hot. Humid, and yuck. Thankfully, things are improving starting today (which is good, because daughter #3 begins her 3-week band camp which runs 8-4 each weekday). Up above you can see a shot […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Altar Calls

Altar calls: does your church do them? While in church recently, I realized that for over half my life now, I’ve attended churches that don’t have altar calls. And this is kind of strange to me, since they were a big part of church services when I was growing up. A little business first. What, […]