Top 5 Autumn Care Package Ideas

Fall will be here soon, and the kids are back in school. In my family, we now have a student in college. She lives three hours away from home, and we all miss her. We decided we’d like to put together a care package to help her know she’s remembered, and to just add a […]

Facts about Melania Trump, Wife of Donald Trump

┬áReaders, I have written for you about Candy Carson. Callista Gingrich. Ann Romney. But one potential first spouse I never thought I’d put pen to paper (so to speak) on was Melania Trump. However, the day has come. Let’s learn some facts about Mrs. Donald Trump. I have to admit that I’d always thought of […]

Amazing Fall Fun Corn Maze

Live in northeast Indiana? Looking for a fun fall weekend family activity? Why not visit Amazing Family Fun in Waterloo? The attraction opens September 18, and this year besides their 12 acre adventure maze there will be a new game in the maze. Find farmer Smith’s animals that got out of the barn and are […]

Indianapolis Mormon Temple

August was a busy month for me, filled with fun things. One of my treats was touring the new Latter Day Saints (Mormon) Temple, built in Indianapolis. My friend, Melissa, is Mormon, and to clear the elephant out of the room — no, I am not Mormon; and no, she did not try to convert […]

Menu Plan Monday 9-7-2015

Happy Labor Day, everyone! I’m not totally sure what we’re celebrating — unions? People who work? Well, I’m no fan of unions, but I can’t help but get behind hard work. So hopefully everyone can enjoy the day and take a little break from your labors It is so hot here. I see that Sunday, […]