Little Tales: Little People Church

If you’ve read my memoir, you know that church was a big part of my upbringing. So it’s probably not surprising that it played a big role in the lives of my Fisher Price Little People, too. To my knowledge, Fisher Price never made a Little People Church (boy, what a thrill it would have […]

Eating at Be Our Guest at Disney World Magic Kingdom

My recent trip to Disney World gave me a chance to see some changes to the Magic Kingdom since I last visited in 2008. Look here — just over the mountaintops, there’s Beast’s Castle! It’s all another bit of Disney illusion — err, magic — because the inside of the castle (and actually the inside […]

How Cell Phones Have Changed Us

It was fun over the weekend to observe, for my first time, an Academic Super Bowl. My youngest daughter was on her school’s team. I learned many things, mostly centering around how much I don’t know. What is an abundant number*? Tell me something about Thisbe. Lots (and lots and lots) of things about volcanoes […]

Menu Plan Monday

May’s first Menu Plan Monday has arrived! I hope you are enjoying great weather where you live. It is nice here, with trees and flowers in full bloom. Prettiest time of the year. May is always one of the busiest months here, so excuse the quick-and-easy recipes. Then again, I figure if I’m busy, many […]

Childhood Memories Friday: China Pianist

Sitting on the table in my foyer is a china pianist. She’s only about six inches tall, and has no identifying features, other than a sticker on the bottom labeled “Japan.” Her candelabra is a bit the worse for the wear, having been broken off when the kids were playing a bit too raucously and […]

The Best Time of Your Life

This is it: the final April day that I’ll have all three of my girls living here at home with me. I could feel the tears rising, and must admit to becoming a bit verklempt. It wasn’t the first time. I tend to feel that way many times — like I want to capture a […]

5 Guys Shakes

One of my favorite step-above-fast-food places lately is 5 Guys. Their burgers are delicious, and the orders of fries are hot, generous, and tasty, as well. Recently, our 5 Guys introduced milkshakes. They’re not available at all locations yet, but they will be. Readers, just for you, I tested a shake. It was delicious! Really […]

Book Chat

Book reviews contain affiliate links. Remember 9/11? I’m sure all of us do. I was at a MOPS meeting with my 3 preschoolers and could hardly believe the news being reported to us by the group leader. For weeks afterwards, news continually reported stories. Things felt “off” for months. But what if you actually lived […]

Menu Plan Monday

Welcome to another menu plan Monday! This past week was so busy that I’m happy to report this week looks a bit quieter — or as quiet as it ever gets, with three teens and 18 piano students. Hard to believe by the end of the week it will be May, which is always one […]