Menu Plan Monday 11/21/16

Happy Thanksgiving week to all you friendly people! Thanksgiving sneaked up on me this year, I think because of the election. I enjoy Thanksgiving because it’s largely a stress-free holiday, and besides — we all have many things to be thankful for. In a Bible study I’m in, we were discussing being thankful lately. The […]

Mercy Snow: Review

How do I choose what books to read? Years ago, I’d go to the library and just browse in the stacks. I also read the book reviews printed in the newspaper, and clipped those that sounded interesting. These days, I usually choose among books reviewed at Goodreads or by friends online. I still have a […]


The other day, I was singing along as a piano student played a piece. It was in her popular songs book, and, as is often the case, these “popular” songs are circa 1960. The student had never even heard of most of them. This week’s was the Armour Hot Dog song. And off we went […]

Menu Plan Monday 11-14-16

Happy Menu Plan Monday! We had our first frost this week, so I gathered all the ripe and non-ripe tomatoes and peppers from the garden and pulled up the foliage. Brought in/froze some herbs; pulled up the tomato cages, even brought in the forget-me-not flower and a geranium. Speaking of which, we seem to have […]

Christmas Gifts at Tiny Prints

Thanks to Tiny Prints for sponsoring this post, which contains affiliate links. Christmas is coming. Which is awesome, because it really is the most wonderful time of the year. But, Christmas also comes with lots of obligations, and those can cause stress. Give yourself a gift this Christmas by getting some of your “to do” […]