Menu Plan Monday: Easter Week

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday! Here, spring break has just wrapped up. The weather wasn’t very springlike, unfortunately, until yesterday when things improved. Youngest daughter visited Washington DC with her band and enjoyed that. We also visited a few sites close to home on Saturday, one being the Sunken Gardens shown above, in an old […]

Happy Easter Decor

Barbara posted about a week ago, showing pretty Easter decor at her house. Her post gave me the idea to do the same thing. I kind of hesitate to do this, because we’re living in a Pinterest world where everyone apparently has gorgeously-decorated houses with over-the-top displays that I could certainly never aspire to. The […]

Tulip Trestle Viaduct

Over the weekend, we traveled to Bloomington where Daughter #1 was being honored at Founders Day. It was the beginning of spring break here, so I decided it was doable to make the three-hour trip for the ceremony. I always like to do a few extra things on jaunts like these, and Daughter #2 had […]

Images of America Holiday World: Review

Post contains affiliate links. Our family has been visiting Holiday World in southern Indiana forĀ  years. I love it, for several reasons. First, the nostalgia: my grandparents took me there when I was a child (back then it was known as Santa Claus Land). It’s been wonderful to experience the park through the years, as […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Teletubbies

Teletubbies Turn 20! The other day I read online that the Teletubbies TV show is 20 years old this year. Wow, that made me feel old. Because Teletubbies began the year daughter #1 was born. I remember first learning about the show, which was controversial since it was aimed at babies. The horrors! Parking a […]

#RitterSport Chocolate Party

Ritter Sport Have fun with your friends and enjoy life — a great motto, right? That’s the idea behind Ritter Sport chocolate. Have you ever heard of Ritter Sport? I confess that I hadn’t. But, when #Tryazon sent me an email inviting me to apply to host a party introducing guests to these chocolates, I […]