Christmas at Greenfield Village

One of my treats this Christmas was a visit to see the houses of historic Greenfield Village decorated for the holidays.  We stopped there on our way back home after visiting relatives for Christmas at Greenfield Village. I love historic sites like this, and when we bought a family membership after visiting last summer (because […]

National Security Mom: A Review

Post may contain affiliate links. I recently read the just-released National Security Mom, thanks to the nice folks at Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing who are sponsoring a blog tour of the book. I was anxious to read it.  As a politically-aware conservative, I enjoy stories about our national security, and reading a book relating that to parenting […]

Good Old Santa

I thought it would be appropriate today to feature my vintage Santa as something in my house. I got Santa LONG ago – maybe when I was about 2?  He wasn’t vintage at the time. He has been well-loved. He used to have a belt with a nifty little peplum hanging down, but somewhere along […]

We interrupt this blog …

… for an ice storm.  Here in northeast Indiana, we were hit hard Thursday night.  The kids had just celebrated school’s cancellation (well, kind of, since the Christmas Winter Holiday Party at school was Friday also), when the power went off.  The first day wasn’t too bad, but as this went on and on, it […]

The Snowman Bell

Today, meet my little snowman bell. My parents gave him to me when I was a child.  He is a bell, and I thought he was so cute.  I couldn’t bear the thought of him being packed away with the Christmas stuff, so at least once I tried to hide him so that he would […]

Organizing Kids’ Ornaments

Today’s tips involve tracking and organizing kids’ ornaments for Christmas.  I have three children, and I would like each of them to know the origins of all their ornaments and when they got them. First, I made a word document for each child that lists the year, the ornament, and where it came from: 2007 […]

The Littlest Christmas Tree

This week for Things in My House Thursday, I am sharing with you my little Christmas Tree: I made it in first grade, and it’s one of my oldest hand-made things.  It’s made of a pinecone set into an aerosol lid filled with plaster.  The gold macaroni adorning the base are falling off, and the […]