Felt Mushroom House

A craft project I just finished:  this lovely little felt Mushroom House: I saw these pictured on this wonderful blog, and the author was nice enough to post the pattern (which she created herself). I haven’t had the time to do much needlework in recent years, and I had fun fiddling with the embroidery details […]

Thank You, President Bush

Today, the media is filled with praise and adulation of Barack Obama.  I figure there’s plenty of that out there, so instead I’ll choose a topic you may not hear so much of: Gratitude for President Bush. Yes, you heard that right. “What?” you may ask.  “Gratitude for that ignorant, war-mongering man who has harmed […]

Just a Rock

Today … a rock. That’s right – just a rock (or two). As you’ve probably guessed, there’s a story behind it.  In my previous life, as a sixth grade teacher, one year I was assigned to teach “low” language arts/reading (the 3 of us sixth grade teachers divided the kids in to high, middle and […]

Disney World Free Souvenirs

We visited Disney World last January, and I keep having fond flashbacks (as I get stuck in snowdrifts in my driveway). Disney World Free Souvenirs One fun way we make the magic last a little longer is with the plastic Mickey head plates that kids’ meals are served on there.  We saved one for each […]


When I first had my kids, I knew about the Mommy Wars – hey, I read Parents magazine!  Breast vs. bottle, family bed vs. not, stay-at-home moms vs. working (for pay) moms, you name it. But somehow, I thought this competition would end once the kids began school. I was wrong. Earlier this week I […]

Greatness, Deferred

During my senior year in high school, my classmates chose me as “most likely to succeed”.  I remember how honored I felt, and also how surreal it was to hear all the adults speaking to us as “tomorrow’s leaders”, “the future of our country”, and on and on.  Wow – could we live up to […]

Been There, Done That Meme

I saw this Been There, Done That meme at The Bookworm‘s and thought it looked like fun.  I usually never do these things, but this is an easy one – just highlight the things you’ve done.  As a traveler (or now wannabe traveler), I was excited to have done many of the travel-related ones. 1. […]