Hedgie the Hedgehog

Today, I thought I would show you our hedgehog, Hedgie: We have all been fascinated by hedgehogs since reading Jan Brett’s books.  Jan is one of my favorite children’s author/illustrators (check out her website – it’s great!), and she loves hedgehogs.  She tries to sneak a hedgehog into each of her books! My middle daughter […]

My Story Blog Meme

Today, a “My Story” blog meme: Hi, my name is:  Susan Never​ in my life have I been to:  Hmmm, many places – I’ll say California. I hate it when:​  it’s a day with no mail. If you’re gonna​ talk smack​ about​ me: I am cracking up as I type this because I would never […]

Doll Beauty Pageant

Today I present to you … a Doll Beauty Pageant!  Yesterday was a snow day (7″ here) and school was closed, which the girls love.  Thankfully my girls play together really well, and I love seeing the creative things they come up with. They decided to put on a doll beauty pageant.  I heard them […]

American Girl Apron

  Last fall when the latest American Girl catalog arrived, I found this American Girl apron for Kit. I loved it! I didn’t love the $34 price. So, I made my own! It’s an apron — or three — to fit an American Girl doll (or any 18″ doll). See Kit, Samantha, and Kirsten modeling […]

Think and Make it Happen: A Review

I have been reading Think and Make It Happen by Augusto Cury, thanks to the nice folks atThomas Nelson Publishing.  On its cover, it claims to be “The breakthrough program for conquering anxiety, overcoming negative thoughts, and discovering your true potential”. Well, that sounds promising.  I am a big believer in the power of our thoughts, […]