Menu Plan Monday

Today I bring you the Spring Break Edition of Menu Plan Monday.  What does that mean?  It means we’ll be gone a few days, so there are no menus to plan 🙂 My husband will be gone for work the first part of the week, so I let the girls vote on favorites for those […]

A Great State

Today, I’m sharing my Indiana pin from the Indiana State Capitol building. It’s only about 1″ high, and I got it yesterday from the President of the Indiana Senate during a visit to the Indiana State Capitol.  Here’s the story. My oldest daughter and I headed to our state capital early.  She (along with several […]

Book Chat

I love to read. Here are some book reviews of books I’ve finished recently. I read The Shack because it was supposed to be life-changing, and it has been sweeping churches nation-wide. It didn’t do much for me. The story, in case you haven’t read it, involves a man whose young daughter was murdered.  In an […]

Grand Piano

Since I was in second grade, I have played piano.  When I moved to my first apartment after college, I remember thinking I was more interested in getting a piano than a bed! I would love to have had a grand piano, but finances made that out of the question. My mom helped me find […]

Menu Plan Monday

I was reminded yesterday of one of the main reasons I write a menu plan Monday each week:  to save money.  We ate yesterday at a buffet, and I realized that for the cost of eating out for that one meal, I could buy groceries for the entire week.  Add the fact that eating at […]

Easter Goodies

Today, I’m sharing some Easter goodies (sorry, not the edible kind).  I got out the Easter stuff last weekend, and the girls and I had a lot of fun decorating. Here is a basket full of neat things.  I got the flocked bunny when I was 8, from a lady who used to live in […]