Childhood Memories Friday: Panhaus

When I was little, both set of grandparents lived on farms.  My mom’s parents’ house burned down when I was really young and they moved into town, so I don’t remember their farm.  But I do remember my dad’s parents’. I remember a barn with a lot of farming implements and vehicles … and a […]

World’s Longest Curtains

Today I am sharing with you what must surely be the world’s longest curtains.  Well, maybe there are longer ones.  But these sure SEEM long.  Here they are, on the left side of the foyer: 24 feet from top to bottom – and believe me, I know, because I made them. For the first seven […]

Fundraisers ≠ Fun

  What is it with schools and fundraisers?  I have my kids in the “free” public schools, but the reality is far from free.  It seems that each month the kids are asked to raise funds for one thing or another (and please don’t tell me how underfunded the schools/teachers are – I taught for […]

Menu Plan Monday

Easter has come and gone, and now it’s time to get back on track.  I don’t know about you, but my weekend was hectic, and this is going to be an easy/clean up week with menu plan Monday. Monday: 15 bean soup.  Nothing fancy; I just bought a bag of that dried bean soup at […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Sunday School

Sunday School:  what a memory-filled topic.   I could write all day on Sunday School memories, because  I was there each Sunday of my growing-up years. I remember being a toddler in Miss Fairy’s class (yes, that was really her name).  She was an older lady who had taught the toddlers forever.  I remember sitting on […]

Impatient for Impatiens

We have two big pots out front on each side of the door, with topiary trees (which are in various stages of death, but that’s another story).  In the spring, I love planting impatiens around the trees to give color to the pots.  It’s on the north side of the house, and they seem to […]

Drinking to That …

I don’t drink. Never have, probably never will. Hey, I grew up Baptist!  And besides, it’s in the Ten Commandments, right?  (I kid, I kid …) Anyway, drinking is just one of those things I was raised not to do.  I remember my mom telling me, as a child, Someday some kids may try to […]

Michelle Obama: Not my American Idol

Michelle Obama.  She and I were born the same year.  We both came of age in the ’70s, in the Midwest.  She went to Ivy League Princeton; I  graduated Phi Beta Kappa, albeit from the less tony Indiana University.  We’re both moms of girls. So why don’t I feel a sense of connection with her […]