Do you ever get tired …

… of being the mature one?  As a conservative, I sure do. This morning I read about Deborah Lawrence, an artist who was chosen for the honor of creating an ornament for the White House tree.  She used that opportunity to make an ornament with text referring to impeaching President Bush.  Very mature, Deborah.  Enjoy […]

Build-a-Bear Rudolph

  Today I’m  featuring Rudolph, who my 7-year-old received a few years ago: She had a special bond with Rudolph from the beginning.  She likes to sleep with him: He lives in the basement with the Christmas stuff most of the year, but I find she will frequently sneak downstairs and bring him up.  He’s […]

Free Wax Paper Alternative

  Today, just what you need:  a free wax paper alternative.  Now, I know that wax paper probably isn’t a big expense to you.  But in these perilous financial times, I figure we can use all the help we can get. When you finish a box of cereal, save the liner bag inside.  Make sure […]

Menu Plan Monday

Please join me in the kitchen for Menu Plan Monday!  It’s a three-day cooking week here because of the holiday, so I thought it would be a good time to start.  It strikes me as a bit humorous that I would do this, because I don’t enjoy cooking, but with a family of five, it’s […]

The Thanksgiving Table Tradition

Several years ago, my mom started the Thanksgiving table tradition with my sisters and me.  She gave each of us pilgrim boy and girl figurines, and a table (actually the bottom of a Velveeta box, upside down).  She made a tablecloth for the table and gave us each a food miniature.  Each year, she gives […]

Sarah Palin to the Rescue

Here’s an unpopular opinion:  I love Sarah Palin. From the time I first heard about her in early 2008, I thought she sounded like a breath of fresh air.  At that time, seeing that the primaries were trending away from any candidate I favored, I learned about Alaska’s conservative governor.  Her beliefs sounded very similar […]