They also serve who only stand and wait

I don’t write a lot here about my three girls, at their request. All three of them have been involved in their school’s marching band. Marching band in Indiana in 2015 is not what it was when I was a member in high school. In addition to band practice during school each day, it now […]

Indianapolis Mormon Temple

August was a busy month for me, filled with fun things. One of my treats was touring the new Latter Day Saints (Mormon) Temple, built in Indianapolis. My friend, Melissa, is Mormon, and to clear the elephant out of the room — no, I am not Mormon; and no, she did not try to convert […]

Little Tales: Little People Village Post Office

Last time we met, we explored the Fisher Price Village Fire Station. Next on the block: the post office. Here you’ll see Clancy mailing a letter through the handy mail slot in the front of the building. Inside, you’ll see where the letters fall. Of course, the truck loading zone is there too, as well […]

Book Chat August 2015

Book Chat book reviews contain affiliate links. The Cost of Our Silence: Consequences of Christians Taking the Path of Least Resistance came along at just the right time for me. I received it in the mail to review (thanks, Aneko Press) right about the time the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. I was so upset […]