Book Chat August 2015

Book Chat book reviews contain affiliate links. The Cost of Our Silence: Consequences of Christians Taking the Path of Least Resistance came along at just the right time for me. I received it in the mail to review (thanks, Aneko Press) right about the time the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. I was so upset […]

Southeast Vacation: The Greenbrier Resort & Bunker

How do you top the most magnificent house in the US? Well, it’s not easy. But we made an attempt. First, let’s head into West Virginia. Wild, wonderful West Virginia, as the slogan goes, through the Allegheny Mountains, and into White Sulphur Springs … … to The Greenbrier Resort. It’s hard to describe The Greenbrier […]

Southeast Vacation: Biltmore Estate

I was so excited to visit Biltmore Estate, one of the highlights our trip had been planned around. I’d heard a lot about it over the years, but had never seen it myself. That was about to change, however! We drove through Asheville’s beautiful mountains to the estate, and then through several miles of roads […]

Southeast Vacation: Oak Ridge, Tennessee

After leaving the home of William Howard Taft, it was southward through Kentucky, and then on to Tennessee. Knowing my fascination with the quirky, it’s probably no surprise that I had to snap a photo of the sign pointing out Rocky Top. It’s where the reality TV Bates family (friends of the Duggars) lives (and […]