Personalized Paper Dolls

Tired of hearing, “Mom, I’m bored!” each day? Make personalized paper dolls of your children! First, take a photo of your child wearing a leotard (if she’s a girl) or shorts and a tank top (if he’s a boy).  Make sure your child poses with his legs slightly apart, and think about how you’d like […]

Graduation Open House Ideas

We recently hosted an open house for my daughter, who graduated from high school. It was a fun day, full of visits with friends and family. Of course, lots of planning goes into a graduation open house. Here are some of the ideas I used to make the day more memorable. Graduation Open House – […]

Graduation Cap Cookies

Many years ago, when I only had a toddler and a baby in the house, I clipped out this idea from a magazine (those were the pre-Pinterest days): I thought it was so cute, and I filed it away to use some day in the far distant future, when I would be planning a graduation […]

Pretzel Recipe with No Yeast

Have you ever made a pretzel recipe with no yeast? We have at our house, thanks to 4-H. Youngest daughter’s foods project called for making biscuits or pretzels for the fair. I’ve never felt that any biscuits I’ve made are too fair-worthy, so I didn’t feel confident that I could help one of the kids […]

Out West Vacation 2010: Mesa Verde

Crossing over from New Mexico to Colorado, it was amazing how quickly the landscape seemed to change from desert to grass. There were even wildflowers lining the roads! Our next destination was Mesa Verde (“green table”) National Park, home to more of those agile, cliff-dwelling indians of long ago. This was another big national park. […]

Book Chat May 2015

Book reviews post contains affiliate links. The bulk of my reading time the past couple of months has been the classic Middlemarch. I try to read a lot of classics. Because — I figure, they’re classics for a reason. Books don’t survive for hundreds of years if there’s not something special about them. Middlemarch was […]