Indiana State Fair Memories

I enjoyed a day at the Indiana State Fair last weekend along with my sister. I loved seeing, petting, and feeding the many animals there (such as the goat above). The fair is now over, so you can’t attend in person anymore this year. But let me take you on a little virtual visit. One […]

Teaching Kids to Write Thank You Notes

Thank you notes — they’re important. No, they’re not a matter of life and death. But, they’re part of the “grease” that keeps the engine of our society running smoothly and pleasantly. And if there’s something we could use a little more of in today’s world, it’s a little pleasantness. Teaching Kids to Write Thank […]

A Queen Elizabeth II Tea Celebrating Her Sapphire Jubilee

Last weekend, the girls and I had the pleasure — and it was definitely a pleasure — of attending Tea at a friend’s house. This wasn’t just any Tea; it was a special Tea celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Sapphire Jubilee. In case you didn’t know, earlier in the year Elizabeth became the longest-reigning British monarch ever, […]