Alaska Trip: Anchorage

We just returned from an 11-day trip to Alaska — quite an undertaking, both the travel itself, and going 11 days without internet access! We flew into Anchorage. Anchorage Airport I guess I got ahead of myself a little. It was fun to see Alaska take shape from the air … Once we arrived, the […]

Holiday World Travel Tips

I’ve been visiting Holiday World for years — more than 40, I’d estimate, back since the place was known as Santa Claus Land, and was much smaller. In recent years, my dad hosts my sisters and our families for a fun day at the theme park most years. Our 2016 visit was this past week. […]

Chick-Fil-A Salad Container Upcycling

One of my favorite online partnerships is with Chick-fil-A. I love the company’s friendliness and its Christian values. Oh, and its food is pretty good as well 🙂 Recently, the Chick-fil-A moms group I’m part of issued a challenge: take a used, washed, Chick-fil-A salad container, and use it for something else. Chick-fil-A salads are […]

Best Baby Boomer TV Shows for Kids

Let’s face it: your kids’ favorite shows can get old after awhile. Never fear – you can tune in to some classic TV programs for a walk down memory lane. Your kids will likely love them as well. Best bets: Little House on the Prairie You probably grew up tuning in each week to see […]

A Tale of Two Rallies

Trump Rally, Cruz Rally We Hoosiers don’t get a lot of attention during Presidential election years, due to our May primary. Usually, the nominees are pretty well decided by then. This year, of course, has been anything but typical. Hearing “Indiana is the most crucial state yet” is pretty fun! Attending a Donald Trump Rally […]

How Do Kate Middleton & Princess Diana Compare?

Even before her engagement to Prince William, Kate Middleton had people wondering: how does Kate compare to William’s late mother, Princess Diana? Let’s look at Kate Middleton & Princess Diana. Background Princess Diana came from an aristocratic background. Her father was an Earl, and when she was a child she played with Prince Charles’s younger […]

Newborn Gifts at Gymboree

Thanks to Gymboree for sponsoring this post, which contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Enjoy the cuteness! Okay, so you all know how much I love Gymboree. As an example, I buy things there when I don’t even have a real reason to (not that I’m necessarily advocating this …) 🙂 In […]