Alaska Trip: Juneau Dogsledding

Last time, our Alaska travelogue took us to Mendenhall Glacier. We’re not done with Juneau yet — how about a little Juneau dogsledding? We took a bus from Juneau to the dogsledding place we’d reserved prior to the trip. Honestly, I’m not even sure of the name, but it doesn’t matter much. There are many, […]

Back to School Treats

Parents and kids nationwide have been busy buying backpacks, pencils and glue. We’re ready for the school year! But after that big first day is over, then what? How about making fun back to school treats to end the school day in style? My girls always looked forward to the treats I make for the […]

Alaska Trip: Juneau Mendenhall Glacier

After our day in Haines, our next port was Alaska’s capital: Juneau. A few facts about Juneau: It is located on Alaska’s “panhandle,” running along the west edge of Canada Its population is 32,000 — not a lot for a state capital You can reach Juneau only by boat or plane Its name comes from […]

Dress Like Kate Middleton

Have you read that William and Kate — and possibly the kids, too — will be visiting Canada next month? I can hardly wait to see the photos that come out of that trip! Let’s take a closer look at Kate’s impeccable fashion sense. Dress Like Kate Middleton She may be a Duchess, but Catherine […]

Alaska Trip: Haines

Post contains affiliate links at no cost to you —   After our day at sea cruising Glacier Bay, we stopped at port at the small town of Haines. You may not have heard of Haines (I had not), because it’s not a major port. Most cruise ships in the area stop instead at the […]

Melania Trump Recipes: Apple Napoleons

Melania Trump Recipes — an unlikely search, because, I’m doubting that a woman of Melania Trump’s net worth does much cooking. If you were worth billions, would you? Sure, I might drop in with an occasional menu plan Monday, but that’s a task I’d be quite happy to delegate to those more talented than I. […]

Alaska Trip: Cruising Glacier Bay

Cruising Glacier Bay Our cruise included two types of days: those when we stopped at ports, and those when we stayed on the ship, just … cruising. I have to say that, although I enjoy exploring new cities and towns, there was always a feeling of happiness when a cruising day happened. It was sort […]