The Best Time of Your Life

This is it: the final April day that I’ll have all three of my girls living here at home with me. I could feel the tears rising, and must admit to becoming a bit verklempt. It wasn’t the first time. I tend to feel that way many times — like I want to capture a […]

5 Guys Shakes

One of my favorite step-above-fast-food places lately is 5 Guys. Their burgers are delicious, and the orders of fries are hot, generous, and tasty, as well. Recently, our 5 Guys introduced milkshakes. They’re not available at all locations yet, but they will be. Readers, just for you, I tested a shake. It was delicious! Really […]

Throw a Fairy Garden Birthday Party for Your Daughter

Post contains affiliate links. Are you looking for a different and delightful theme for your child’s birthday party? Or would you like a magical activity to do with your kids? If so, welcome to the world of fairy gardens! A few years ago I read an article about having a “fairy garden” birthday party theme. […]

Facts about Israel Dillard– & Dial Kids, Dial Baby

The most famous baby in American currently? No doubt it’s Israel David Dillard, son of “19 Kids and Counting” stars Jill (Duggar) and Derick Dillard. Some facts about baby Israel: Why is he named Israel? Jill has loved the country of Israel since visiting there with the rest of the Duggar family in 2011. Israel […]

What is the Last Name of Prince William and Kate?

Prince William, Kate Last Name We know Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is expecting a baby any day now. We know that Kate and Prince William already have a son. We know that he’s named George Alexander Louis, and is called Prince George. But – George WHAT? Does he have a last name? And if so, […]

Little Tales: Playskool Old Woman in the Shoe

Today, a first: our Little Tale isn’t about a Fisher Price toy at all, although I thought it was until I looked. I’m featuring my Playskool Old Woman in the Shoe. I thought it was Fisher Price, because it does have “little people,” although admittedly they’re not quite Little People. Mrs. Shoe and her four […]

Bach’s 20 Children

Post may contain affiliate links. Recently, one of my piano students began working on a piece by J. S. Bach. We were reading the little blurb at the top, which mentioned that, in addition to being one of the greatest composers of all time, he had 20 children. “Wow,” I said to the student. “Do […]

Fun Epcot Food

As you regulars know, I recently spent a wonderful week at the happiest place on earth, Disney World. My favorite Disney park would have to be either the Magic Kingdom or Epcot, but for today, let’s talk about Epcot. More specifically, let’s talk about the food at Epcot. Since it features pavilions from various countries, […]