Menu Plan Monday 8/14/17

Happy Menu Plan Monday, friends! It’s been a good week here. Above, you see the set for “Into the Woods,” a musical I took the girls to see in a nearby town. I’ve been going to productions there for years, and they do a really great job. I’d never seen “Into the Woods” before. The […]

Menu Plan Monday 8/7/2017

Hi Menu Plan Monday friends! How was your week? It was a nice one here; busy, but nothing too crazy. I have to tell you about a graduation/farewell party we went to Saturday night. It was for a girl I’d given piano lessons to. It was the most amazing event I’ve been to in years […]

Menu Plan Monday 7/31/17

Happy final-day-of-July Menu Plan Monday! I hope you’ve all had a good week. Here, the highlight was marching band camp beginning for daughter #3. Here you can see a picture. They’re just starting to find their locations for the various places in the show that they learn. The weather has been pretty good so far […]

Menu Plan Monday 7/24/17

Happy steamy Menu Plan Monday, everyone! I say steamy because yesterday we took a trip to Indiana Dunes, and it really was hot. Humid, and yuck. Thankfully, things are improving starting today (which is good, because daughter #3 begins her 3-week band camp which runs 8-4 each weekday). Up above you can see a shot […]

Menu Plan Monday 7/17/2017

Happy July Menu Plan Monday, friends. The county fair is in full swing here. The photo above is from Friday’s foods auction, where 4-Hers who earn a blue ribbon on their foods project can sell a similar item at an auction. “Real” auctioneers do the auction, and the first time I experienced it, I was […]

Menu Plan Monday 7/10/17

Happy summery Menu Plan Monday to everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your summer. Our July 4th with the neighbors was fun — above, see two of the girls with the neighbors’ grandsons. We’ve had some nice weather last week, and a lot of rain as well. This week promises more rain. Although too much of […]

Menu Plan Monday 7/3/17

Happy Fourth of July week Menu Plan Monday to everyone! The photo above is one of my favorites; it’s the girls about 15 years ago. The common areas in our subdivision (where they’re posing) used to look really nice. Now, not so much. Do you have plans for the holiday? Our neighbors invited us over […]

Menu Plan Monday 6/26/17

Happy Menu Plan Monday! I hope the week has started well for each of you. It was a typical summer week here: the girls working on 4-H (records and books are due to the leader today), me working in the garden and riding my bike (since I have “graduated” to an ankle wrap from the […]

Menu Plan Monday 6/19/17

Welcome to another summer Menu Plan Monday! It’s been a hot week here; around 90 every day. It looks like temps this week should be about ten degrees cooler, which I’m grateful for. This past week the girls and I were busy helping with our church’s garage sale. It is huge. Really huge! This is […]

Menu Plan Monday 6/12/17

Happy summery menu plan Monday! It was a good week here. Our extended family enjoyed a day at Holiday World theme park in southern Indiana — more on that later in the week. If you’ve never been there, it’s worth a visit if you’re ever nearby. It’s a really clean park with some fun extras […]