Menu Plan Monday 10/17/16

Hello, internet friends! I was trying to think of something to post a photo of from this past week, and wasn’t coming up with a lot. It was a busy week, as most are — lunches with friends, piano lessons, this and that — but nothing too photo-worthy. Well, there was this — The week […]

Menu Plan Monday 10/10/16

Hi everyone and welcome to another menu plan Monday! My weekend involved my sister visiting, and a full Saturday at a band festival our school hosted. I worked in the concession stand and then watched bands for a few hours, ending up with daughter #3’s. There she is, if you see the free lines of […]

Menu Plan Monday 10/3/2016

Welcome to another Menu Plan Monday! Here is it October already. Wow. The year is passing quickly. It was a busy weekend here with our high school hosting a band competition. There was a lot of rain, which makes it a pain for all the kids there trying to perform. One group of bands had […]

Menu Plan Monday 9/26/2016

Welcome to another Menu Plan Monday! Our weekend was filled with a football game band performance/competition/practice for one daughter and another daughter home from college to play for a wedding. It was great having everyone together again. No photos, because they never want their pictures put online. I don’t know if my kids are unique […]

Menu Plan Monday 9/18/2016

Hi everyone, and welcome to another Menu Plan Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was nice; pretty quiet, but I like that. I had some of my piano student girls over on Saturday to “play” with some fun cupcake-making supplies I got recently. I will share more about that with you later in the week. […]

Menu Plan Monday 9/12/2016

Hello friends, how Is your week so far? It was such a nice weekend here, with perfect weather. I went on an annual tour of houses in an older area of our town. It always amazes me how absolutely GORGEOUS some peoples’ houses are inside. If you’re one who updates your decor frequently, take note […]

Menu Plan Monday 9/5/2016

Happy Labor Day! It’s a bit bittersweet, as it signals the end of summer. I’ve really enjoyed this summer (as I usually do), and it seems it’s ended quickly (especially given how long I seemed to wait for it, through the winter). I hope you got to celebrate in an enjoyable way. We were invited […]

Menu Plan Monday 8/29/16

Happy Menu Plan Monday! The final one in August. Despite the humid, 90-degree heat here, we’ve had a few cooler days lately. It’s just a matter of time before the leaves begin turning, and I’ve already noticed the days becoming shorter. I love fall. It used to be my favorite season, and I think the […]

Menu Plan Monday 8/22/2016

Happy Menu Plan Monday, everyone! This, as always, has been a busy week. My oldest daughter moved 3 hours away back to college and her classes start tomorrow. She is doing really well, but still, as a mom it’s so sad to see her leave. I guess you experienced moms know all about this, though. […]