Menu Plan Monday 9/18/2016

Hi everyone, and welcome to another Menu Plan Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was nice; pretty quiet, but I like that. I had some of my piano student girls over on Saturday to “play” with some fun cupcake-making supplies I got recently. I will share more about that with you later in the week. […]

Menu Plan Monday 9/12/2016

Hello friends, how Is your week so far? It was such a nice weekend here, with perfect weather. I went on an annual tour of houses in an older area of our town. It always amazes me how absolutely GORGEOUS some peoples’ houses are inside. If you’re one who updates your decor frequently, take note […]

Menu Plan Monday 9/5/2016

Happy Labor Day! It’s a bit bittersweet, as it signals the end of summer. I’ve really enjoyed this summer (as I usually do), and it seems it’s ended quickly (especially given how long I seemed to wait for it, through the winter). I hope you got to celebrate in an enjoyable way. We were invited […]

Menu Plan Monday 8/29/16

Happy Menu Plan Monday! The final one in August. Despite the humid, 90-degree heat here, we’ve had a few cooler days lately. It’s just a matter of time before the leaves begin turning, and I’ve already noticed the days becoming shorter. I love fall. It used to be my favorite season, and I think the […]

Menu Plan Monday 8/22/2016

Happy Menu Plan Monday, everyone! This, as always, has been a busy week. My oldest daughter moved 3 hours away back to college and her classes start tomorrow. She is doing really well, but still, as a mom it’s so sad to see her leave. I guess you experienced moms know all about this, though. […]

Menu Plan Monday 8/8/2016

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday, 8/8/16. Typing the date, I think of Princess Beatrice (she would be Britain’s Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson/”Fergie”‘s oldest daughter. I always remember that she was born 8/8/88, so a happy 28th birthday to her! So, another hot and humid week it is here. We are pretty much in drought […]

Menu Plan Monday 8/1/2016

Welcome to the first Menu Plan Monday of August! This summer, like so many summers, is flying by. Just the other day, it seems, I was so excited about my oldest daughter coming home from college in early May. Now, a couple of weeks and she’ll be heading back. My second daughter will be a […]

Menu Plan Monday

Welcome all to another Menu Plan Monday! It’s a really hot one here — heat indexes around 100 (which means that the actual temperature is in the 90s, but our Midwestern humidity kicks in to make it feel hotter). My youngest daughter begins band camp today, which runs 8-4 each weekday for the next 3 […]

Menu Plan Monday 7/11/2016

A happy Menu Plan Monday to you all! What has your past week been like? Typical summer week here, although the weekend was busy. Yesterday we traveled 3 hours away to enjoy a niece’s graduation celebration. The entire trip was made in under 24 hours due to work schedules — not ideal, but we are […]