Menu Plan Monday 8-24-2015

Menu Plan Monday arrives again. The school year is in gear again, and my 17 piano students have all had their first lessons of the season. This is going to be a challenging year with them. I put out time slots that I’m available, and let them choose a time. That sometimes results in a […]

Menu Plan Monday 8-10-2015

Welcome to the back-to-school edition of Menu Plan Monday! Honestly, the menus this week aren’t anything out of the ordinary. They’re taking a backseat to all the activity involved with the beginning of a new school year. I take my oldest three hours away to begin college on Friday. I’ve been busy teaching the 16-year-old […]

Menu Plan Monday 8-3-2015

Welcome to menu planning for August! Even though we still have a couple of weeks here until school starts, August always feels like the end of summer to me. Daughter #3 is almost finished with her first band camp. Daughter #1 is making this pile in the dining room — less than two weeks until […]

Menu Plan Monday 7-27-15

Happy last-Monday-in-July! The summer is really flying by here; how about where you are? It was a busy week at our house. My youngest daughter made it through her first week of marching band camp. It’s really intense, with the 300 or so kids meeting 8-4 each day. The payoff will be when they put […]

Menu Plan Monday 7-20-15

Happy Monday, everyone! How was your week? It was busy here; the kids’ 4-H projects were all turned in a judged. I enjoy the fair so much that every year I’m a little sad when it begins, just because it will be a year before it all happens again We will have 2 jars of […]

Menu Plan Monday 7-13-2015

Hello friends, and welcome to a mid-summer edition of Menu Plan Monday. We are just back from vacation, and I have to say it was really nice to have an entire week with no cooking! That may be one of my favorite parts of any vacation. But now we are back to reality with a […]

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Menu Plan Monday! It’s been a busy week here, and honestly, I have felt pretty depressed about the events in our nation. As a family-friendly blogger, I feel a real responsibility to review and recommend only companies I can feel good about supporting as a Christian. Over the weekend, I chose to remove my […]

Menu Plan Monday 6-22-2015

  Happy summer to all you readers! It officially began yesterday, June 21, although it has seemed like summer for a while. This is a busy week here, with the two younger girls finishing up summer gym classes (Yay! Now I think all my girls are finished with gym class forever!), and the oldest heading […]

Menu Plan Monday 6-15-2015

So here we are, already at the halfway point of June. Hard to believe! With graduation behind us, dare I say this might be a somewhat quiet week? Not really, with summer gym each weekday morning for two of the girls, and 7 piano students arriving one day. The girls and I are also helping […]

Menu Plan Monday 6-8-2015

So after all the anticipation, graduation 2015 is history. Congrats to all the Homestead grads! Our open house went well, and I’ll share more about the details in the week to come. I know that many online resources helped me as I planned it, so maybe some of my ideas can help someone else. My […]