Menu Plan Monday 12/5/16

Welcome to December, friends! Can you believe we are so close to Christmas now? I feel glad that I have most of my gifts purchased. But there are many other things to prepare for this month. This week will bring a Nutcracker performance that I’m hoping to attend with daughter #2, and my Christmas piano […]

Menu Plan Monday 11/28/16

Happy Menu Plan Monday, everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday! Here is a photo of the spread at my mom’s house. We all enjoyed lots of good food over the week! It was great with daughter #1 home from school, having everyone in the same house again. And in just three weeks, […]

Menu Plan Monday 11/21/16

Happy Thanksgiving week to all you friendly people! Thanksgiving sneaked up on me this year, I think because of the election. I enjoy Thanksgiving because it’s largely a stress-free holiday, and besides — we all have many things to be thankful for. In a Bible study I’m in, we were discussing being thankful lately. The […]

Menu Plan Monday 11-14-16

Happy Menu Plan Monday! We had our first frost this week, so I gathered all the ripe and non-ripe tomatoes and peppers from the garden and pulled up the foliage. Brought in/froze some herbs; pulled up the tomato cages, even brought in the forget-me-not flower and a geranium. Speaking of which, we seem to have […]

Menu Plan Monday 11/7/16

Hello, friends! How was your weekend? I enjoyed visiting Roanoke, the small town where I used to teach, with my friend Leona. We rode a trolley around, had a good lunch, and I bought a couple of things, spending around $5 🙂 The weather was beautiful and there were lots of people out shopping the […]

Menu Plan Monday 10-31-16

Happy Halloween and Menu Plan Monday! This past Saturday daughter #3 and I were at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis for the state marching band finals, which D3 participated in. Daughter #1 came up for the event from her college, as well as other relatives. The band did great, and I enjoyed watching about 25 […]

Menu Plan Monday 10/24/2016

Happy Monday to all you readers out there! I hope you had a nice week. Fall has definitely arrived here, but we’re still enjoying some nice days overall. Most days, I can still work in a bike ride. I enjoy those a lot. They’re a good way to clear one’s head and get in a […]

Menu Plan Monday 10/17/16

Hello, internet friends! I was trying to think of something to post a photo of from this past week, and wasn’t coming up with a lot. It was a busy week, as most are — lunches with friends, piano lessons, this and that — but nothing too photo-worthy. Well, there was this — The week […]

Menu Plan Monday 10/10/16

Hi everyone and welcome to another menu plan Monday! My weekend involved my sister visiting, and a full Saturday at a band festival our school hosted. I worked in the concession stand and then watched bands for a few hours, ending up with daughter #3’s. There she is, if you see the free lines of […]

Menu Plan Monday 10/3/2016

Welcome to another Menu Plan Monday! Here is it October already. Wow. The year is passing quickly. It was a busy weekend here with our high school hosting a band competition. There was a lot of rain, which makes it a pain for all the kids there trying to perform. One group of bands had […]