Little Tales: Little People Village Post Office

Last time we met, we explored the Fisher Price Village Fire Station. Next on the block: the post office. Here you’ll see Clancy mailing a letter through the handy mail slot in the front of the building. Inside, you’ll see where the letters fall. Of course, the truck loading zone is there too, as well […]

Little Tales: Little People Church

If you’ve read my memoir, you know that church was a big part of my upbringing. So it’s probably not surprising that it played a big role in the lives of my Fisher Price Little People, too. To my knowledge, Fisher Price never made a Little People Church (boy, what a thrill it would have […]

Little Tales: Clancy’s Bachelor Pad

One Christmas, my sister and I were thrilled to receive the Fisher Price Little People Village. This was a wonderful toy because the village featured so many cubbies, each with its own business: the movie theater. The post office. The jail. The list goes on, but today, I’m feeling nostalgic over Clancy’s bachelor pad. Clancy, […]

Little Tales: Playskool Old Woman in the Shoe

Today, a first: our Little Tale isn’t about a Fisher Price toy at all, although I thought it was until I looked. I’m featuring my Playskool Old Woman in the Shoe. I thought it was Fisher Price, because it does have “little people,” although admittedly they’re not quite Little People. Mrs. Shoe and her four […]

Little Tales: Fisher Price Castle

For most of my growing-up years, it was my and my sister, who was 3 years younger. When we got “matching” gifts of any sort, it always seemed to me that my sister came out ahead. For instance, several times we were given a boy/girl set of dolls, and inevitably I was given the boy, […]