Menu Plan Monday 2/6/17

Happy Monday to all you readers out there! How was your weekend? My accompanying for band solo contest is over, and the day was a lot of fun. Really, I think if I could choose my perfect job at this point in my life, it would be playing for kids at contest every day. Of […]

Menu Plan Monday 1/30/17

Happy Menu Plan Monday! We’ve arrived at what I call “ISSMA week” here. I’m accompanying nine students for ISSMA (Indiana State School Music Association) solo contest at a local high school. For the past few weeks, I’ve practiced with those kids. They range from grades 6 to 12 and play saxophone, French horn, trumpet, and […]

Menu Plan Monday 1/23/17

Did you enjoy those beautiful, colorful flowers? I hope so! It’s been a good week here. I enjoyed watching all the Inauguration day coverage Friday and had the TV on all day. Then, on Saturday, daughter #3 and I went to the January bonsai club meeting, which is always held at a large downtown greenhouse. […]

Menu Plan Monday 1/16/17

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday! How does this week look for you? Here it’s busy (of course). Today is a no-school day for the kids, but I’ll still have my five Monday piano students, and four kids will come to go over their instrumental solos with me. Last Friday, I went along with a violinist […]

Menu Plan Monday 1/9/17

It’s looking like one of those weeks. The ones where my to-do calendar has a lot of stuff on it — an early-morning orthodontist appointment. A new piano student. A practice session with a violinist at her teacher’s place, which will end up probably 2+ hours total including travel time. Just lots of stuff, all […]

Menu Plan Monday 1/2/17

Happy New Year to each of you! I hope you each welcomed in the new year and are excited about at least some aspects of it. And if you aren’t — come up with some fun ideas for yourself. Yesterday at church, the pastor said something like if we were all waiting for someone else […]

Menu Plan Monday 12/19/16

Welcome to the week before Christmas version of Menu Plan Monday! What is new in your world? Here, it has been a really cold week — actually, a really wintry month. I read in the Sunday paper that we’ve gotten 10.4″ of snow this month. Last year at this time, we got .2″. And, Sunday […]

Butterfinger Brownie Bites

I visited Dollar General earlier this week, although I must admit that I’m not a regular Dollar General shopper. In fact, I had to look up addresses online to learn where to find them in my fair city. But once I arrived, I was glad to be there, because Dollar General savings abounded. There were […]

Menu Plan Monday 12/12/16

Happy snowy Monday to you all! I came across an article last week suggesting that cooking and baking can help you feel better. Although I found some of the connections made a little dicey (is cooking really “creative”?), overall I think the ideas presented were sound; ie, when we do things to advance our own […]

Menu Plan Monday 12/5/16

Welcome to December, friends! Can you believe we are so close to Christmas now? I feel glad that I have most of my gifts purchased. But there are many other things to prepare for this month. This week will bring a Nutcracker performance that I’m hoping to attend with daughter #2, and my Christmas piano […]