Menu Plan Monday 5/29/17

Happy Menu Plan Monday! And, happy summer. It may not be summer officially, but it feels like it here since school ended for the younger two Friday. We always head to a local ice cream place to celebrate. This will be an unusual week here. No school, no piano lessons — but we will be […]

Menu Plan Monday 5/22/17

Happy Menu Plan Monday, friends! So, my foot has a 5th metatarsal avulsion fracture. It should heal fine, but for the next four to six weeks, I’ll be sporting this walking boot. This leads to several changes in plans. Hopefully the girls can do a lot of help with watering/tending the garden. I’ll miss picking […]

Menu Plan Monday 5/15/17

Happy Menu Plan Monday, everyone! I hope all you ladies had a nice Mother’s Day. I played at my “organ church,” and they gave out a little jar of homemade lavender foot scrub, a packet of zinnia seeds, and a matching pen/notepad to each lady. I was impressed! One girl even ran some up to […]

Menu Plan Monday 5/8/17

Happy menu plan Monday! Part of our Saturday included a trip to a greenhouse with daughter #3 and a friend. It was in Amish country nearby, and I loved seeing the pretty skies full of clouds, laundry hanging on lines, Amish buggies going by on the road, and Amish kids running around in their plain […]

Menu Plan Monday 4/24/17

Welcome to another Menu Plan Monday! It was a nice weekend here; daughter #3 and I went to a bonsai workshop. We watched the “expert” style various club member’s plants. This lady brought in a big clump of something, and the guy helped her separate it out into a “forest” of about six little plants. […]

Menu Plan Monday 4/17/17

Happy Menu Plan Monday, everyone! I hope you had a nice Easter. We returned from visiting out of state very late last night, so forgive this post for not being up to snuff. Saturday night, we went to a Passion Walk at my mother-in-law’s church. You walk through various scenes as the story of Jesus’ […]

Menu Plan Monday: Easter Week

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday! Here, spring break has just wrapped up. The weather wasn’t very springlike, unfortunately, until yesterday when things improved. Youngest daughter visited Washington DC with her band and enjoyed that. We also visited a few sites close to home on Saturday, one being the Sunken Gardens shown above, in an old […]

Menu Plan Monday 3/27/17

We have a new pet at our house this week! She is an early birthday present for daughter #3, in response to pleas that have come for a long time. The new bunny, Hazel, is on the left. We adopted her from the local shelter and she is really sweet so far. Next to her […]

Menu Plan Monday 3-20-17

Happy Monday to all you Menu Plan Monday friends 🙂 I have had a busy week, so I hope you’re up for several photos. Up at the top, that’s the pie I made for Pi Day last week. I was going to go with basic apple, but daughter #3 requested Black Forest Cherry Chocolate pie. […]

Menu Plan Monday 3/13/17

Happy Monday to all you readers. It was a good week here, with a weekend visit to a ballet where my sister lives. The inside of the theatre is interesting: It was built in 1929 and looks like a Spanish village. This coming weekend, another ballet with daughter #2. This one is local, Swan Lake. […]