Christian Quotes Website

**I received nothing for this review — just helping out a friend 🙂 Have you ever wished you had a good resource for finding Bible quotes and Christian quotes? Sure, you could just go to the source and look in the Bible itself (and I recommend that). But, how about an online site that is […]

Did God Really Say That?

The other day, I saw a fancy poster-like quote on Facebook: God says “the reason why some people have turned against you and have walked away from you without reason … has nothing to do with you. It is because I have removed them from your life because they cannot go where I am taking […]

Turning on the Chimes

Have you ever wished you could just push a button and make someone happy? I’m fortunate, because I’ve found a way to do that very thing. Let me explain. I play organ once or twice a month at a small country church. A year or so ago, after a service, one of the ladies from […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Sunday School

Sunday School:  what a memory-filled topic.   I could write all day on Sunday School memories, because  I was there each Sunday of my growing-up years. I remember being a toddler in Miss Fairy’s class (yes, that was really her name).  She was an older lady who had taught the toddlers forever.  I remember sitting on […]

Personal Hymns for your Kids

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll recall my disillusionment with much of modern church music.  However, I love hymns. When I was a child, I don’t recall feeling all that fond of hymns.  I remember, when we would sing one with a lot of verses, hoping the leader would call for us to omit a […]