Childhood Memories Friday: 4-H Camp

Life divides us in many ways: those who like coffee, and those who don’t. Those who enjoy sports, and those who don’t. Those who like camp — and those who don’t. I’ll let this memory unfold, but if you know me very well, you’re probably already sensing where I fall for this divide. As a […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Being Young

Being young: do you remember it? I know, I know: we all remember various things from our childhoods. But do you remember what it felt like to be young? I do, but the sensation is fleeting. On talk radio the other day, host Glenn Beck (who is my age), was discussing how he was “old, […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Visiting Neuschwanstein

I’ve been sorting through things around the house, trying to determine whether items “spark joy” or not. In this effort, I came across a stack of fading photos. I wasn’t sure where they’d come from, but I soon realized that they were mine — ones I’d taken during an early-1990s trip to Germany. Ones that […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Parisian

Ah, first jobs. We never really forget them, do we? Although I had several minor jobs, my first “real” job after college was working as an assistant manager at Parisian Department Store, which I see closed its doors for the final time in 2013. Parisian Internship I got an internship with Parisian the summer between […]