Childhood Memories Friday: College Apartment

Continuing on with college memories, inspired by recent visits to IU, where I attended college, and where my oldest daughter will begin attending school next month … After my freshman year, I moved into a single dorm room sophomore year, and loved it. I probably should have continued this arrangement for my remaining college years, […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Dorm Eating in the ’80s

A recent trip to my college alma mater included a visit past a dorm. As I listened to a discussion of meal plan options, “I-bucks,” and more, I began to reminisce about the dining halls I frequented several decades back. Dorm Eating in the ’80s Back then, in the mid-’80s, the IU college meal plan […]

Childhood Memories Friday: China Pianist

Sitting on the table in my foyer is a china pianist. She’s only about six inches tall, and has no identifying features, other than a sticker on the bottom labeled “Japan.” Her candelabra is a bit the worse for the wear, having been broken off when the kids were playing a bit too raucously and […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Accompanying at IU

This week, I visited my alma mater with my oldest daughter, for a Red Carpet Day. I’ve written before about how odd it feels to walk the environs of a campus you last lived on thirty years ago. It inspires all types of reflections, on how you thought life would turn out, and how it […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Standardized Tests

It’s springtime, and if you’re a student, that often means standardized tests. Standardized tests are a hot political topic today. My own kids take ISTEP and NWEA as elementary school kids, and then it’s on to ECA’s in some subjects in high school, and of course the SAT and ACT. When I was growing up […]