Childhood Memories Friday: German Reunification

Remember when there was an East Germany and a West Germany? That’s how it was throughout my childhood years, and that’s what we learned about in school. East Germany was the communist nation, shrouded in gray. I never thought about it much, preferring its larger and more vibrant neighbor, West Germany. When I first visited […]

Childhood Memories Friday: College Apartment

Continuing on with college memories, inspired by recent visits to IU, where I attended college, and where my oldest daughter will begin attending school next month … After my freshman year, I moved into a single dorm room sophomore year, and loved it. I probably should have continued this arrangement for my remaining college years, […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Dorm Eating in the ’80s

A recent trip to my college alma mater included a visit past a dorm. As I listened to a discussion of meal plan options, “I-bucks,” and more, I began to reminisce about the dining halls I frequented several decades back. Dorm Eating in the ’80s Back then, in the mid-’80s, the IU college meal plan […]