Childhood Memories Friday: Accompanying at IU

This week, I visited my alma mater with my oldest daughter, for a Red Carpet Day. I’ve written before about how odd it feels to walk the environs of a campus you last lived on thirty years ago. It inspires all types of reflections, on how you thought life would turn out, and how it […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Standardized Tests

It’s springtime, and if you’re a student, that often means standardized tests. Standardized tests are a hot political topic today. My own kids take ISTEP and NWEA as elementary school kids, and then it’s on to ECA’s in some subjects in high school, and of course the SAT and ACT. When I was growing up […]

Childhood Memories Friday: SRA and RFU

Close your eyes. Go back to fourth grade or so. You’ve finished the daily set of language worksheets that the teacher handed out for you to complete while she meets with reading groups in the back of the room. What do you do now? Most likely, you headed back to the SRA box and pulled […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Math Class

My oldest daughter is a high school senior, and I’ve found that when my kids go through any stage, it brings me back to when I went through it myself. Here’s a photo of me in my senior year pre-calculus class, in the 1980s. First, of course, we notice the hair and glasses. Oh, my. […]