Eva’s Cousin: Review

Most of you have probably heard of Eva Braun, Hitler’s mistress. In my mind, I think of her as the younger blonde seen in some old grainy photos with the Fuhrer, and of course I knew the history of them marrying and dying together in the bunker just before the end of WWII. But have […]

Jurassic Park: Review

Anybody out there who hasn’t seen the movie “Jurassic Park”? Even *I* have seen it (admittedly years and years ago), so I figure most of you probably have as well. My foggy memories of the book including a lot of hub bub over amber, and a dramatic scene with kids in an industrial kitchen, being […]

The Road to Jonestown: Review

About a year and a half ago, I read and reviewed a book about the Jonestown tragedy. The topic so fascinated me that, when I saw that another book on the topic was out, I wanted to read it as well. That book is “The Road to Jonestown.” Jim Jones The Road to Jonestown is […]

Mrs. Dalloway: Review

Several years ago, I remember watching and enjoying the movie “The Hours.” I spied “Mrs. Dalloway” as one of the books I could choose as my reward for reading at the library’s adult reading club. Noting that the book had inspired that movie, I took it home. “Mrs. Dalloway” is by Virginia Woolf. I’ve heard […]

The Breakdown: Review

**Thanks Netgalley for a review copy of The Breakdown. Imagine you are driving home late at night, in a storm. You see a woman pulled off to the side of the road. You pull over behind her, but she doesn’t get out of her car or acknowledge you. So you eventually drive on. Then you […]

The Nine of Us by Jean Kennedy Smith: Review

I found a treasure recently at a nearby Little Free Library that I frequent on bike rides: a new copy of The Nine of Us by Jean Kennedy Smith. I brought it home, and since I liked its historical promise and it was short as well (250 small pages with wide margins and lots of […]

The Accidental Empress: Review

Accidental Empress post contains affiliate links. I was excited to read The Accidental Empress because it a historical fiction book on the life of Elisabeth of Austria, known as “Sisi.” She is of interest to me because she was a cousin and confidante of King Ludwig, who I’ve written about. Sisi Sisi’s story really is […]

Shattered, Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign

I am not a Hillary Clinton fan. But, I have always loved politics. This last Presidential election was especially fascinating. When I heard that there was a new book out about Clinton’s campaign, I wanted to read it, because I love learning the inside stuff of a campaign. Shattered, Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign Shattered, […]

How did King Ludwig II Die?

Post contains affiliate links. You’ve probably heard of “mad” King Ludwig here and there — he’s the 19th century Bavarian king who built Neuschwanstein, arguably the world’s most famous castle. You may even know that his death was surrounded in mystery. When did he die? June 13, 1886: 131 years ago today. How did King […]