The Secret Piano: Review

A hotel incentive program we belong to sent me an email a while back. We were eligible for the perk of a free Kindle book. WOO HOO! I clicked through, only to learn to my chagrin that it wasn’t any Kindle book, but one from a list they’d compiled. Most of the books there didn’t […]

Ordering Your Private World: Review

Thanks to Handlebar for a review copy of Ordering Your Private World. “We have smart phones, sticky notes, computerized calendars, and schedule planners to help us organize our business and social lives. But what about organizing our inner lives — our private worlds?” That’s the blurb on the back of Ordering Your Private World by […]

God Made the World: Review

Thanks to Kregel for a review copy of this book — post contains affiliate links Looking for a cute baby gift or baby shower gift? How about a copy of God Made the World? God Made the World This is a “cuddly crinkly cloth book” as it says on the cover. I like the way […]

A Pair of Miracles: Review

**Thanks Kregel for a review copy of A Pair of Miracles. Imagine adopting twin boys out of foster care. Quite a project to take on, huh? Now, imagine that those boys have a whole host of problems, the scope of which doesn’t become clear to you until a few years pass. You learn that the […]