When We Last Spoke: Review

When We Last Spoke Imagine you’re a woman in your 50s. One day, your daughter-in-law leaves her family. Your son is shipped off to Vietnam. Their two young daughters come to live with you and your husband. Just as you’re getting used to that, you get word that your son has been killed. That’s not […]

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Review

It’s pretty rare that I read a book I’d describe as a total miss. That’s because I usually don’t even begin reading books I don’t think I’ll enjoy. Unfortunately, I came across a dud in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I read it first because two of my daughters had read and enjoyed it. […]

The Sun is Also a Star: Review

Imagine you’re a teenage girl, living in New York City. You meet “the one,” a cute, romantic, poetry-writing guy. Unfortunately, you meet him on the day in which your family is being deported back to your home country of Jamaica. That’s the premise of “The Sun is Also a Star,” a hot new read aimed […]

Little Girl Blue, The Life of Karen Carpenter

Last month, I came across a Carpenters Christmas special on TV. I found myself watching Karen Carpenter, thinking, “Oh yeah. Didn’t she die from anorexia?” She had such a pretty voice. I decided to learn a little more, and so I read Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter. If you’re my age or […]

Sisters One, Two, Three: Review

Thanks TLC Tours for a review copy of this book. Secrets. Does your family have any? I’m not talking about what your brother bought Mom for Christmas. I’m talking about long-held, serious secrets. That’s the type the Tangle family has in Sisters One, Two, Three. The book, set mostly in 1970s Martha’s Vineyard, was really […]

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin: Review

Queen Victoria: what do you know about her? In my case, despite my interest in British royalty, not a whole lot. I knew she was married to Prince Albert. I thought they had several children. Beyond that … So, I was an ideal candidate to read “Victoria” by Daisy Goodwin. The book has a gorgeous […]