Childhood Memories Friday: Ushering at IU

One of my fond memories from my college days is ushering for shows at the auditorium. Ushering at IU I can’t recall how I learned about ushering, but I did it from the time I was a freshman there. The details are fuzzy, but I think that we could peruse all the shows presented and […]

Vacations for Travelers 50+

This is a partnered guest post by Ryan Tyson. Do you love to travel? As people grow older, they have more disposable income and more vacation days. For these reasons, taking a trip gets easier. Besides, every couple needs to spend some quality time together on a lovely vacation. Explore the following vacation activities for […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Stella & Dot

**I was compensated for this Stella & Dot post and this post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Mother’s Day at Stella & Dot Mother’s Day is coming up, as it does every year. And it can be hard to come up with […]

Big Little Lies: Review

Big Little Lies is a book (and now an HBO series too) by current best-selling author Liane Moriarty. It’s the first book I’ve read by this author, and I was curious to see if it lived up to the hype. The story centers around three women: Madeline, Celeste, and Jane. They live in Australia, and […]

Menu Plan Monday 5/8/17

Happy menu plan Monday! Part of our Saturday included a trip to a greenhouse with daughter #3 and a friend. It was in Amish country nearby, and I loved seeing the pretty skies full of clouds, laundry hanging on lines, Amish buggies going by on the road, and Amish kids running around in their plain […]

Karen Pence and Her Platform as Second Lady

I have to admit it: I love Karen Pence. Part of it is that she, like me, is a Hoosier. Part of it is her down-to-earth nature, and the way she just looks like a regular woman. Melania and Ivanka Trump are gorgeous, no doubt, but most of us can relate better to Karen. She’s […]

The Scarlet Letter: Review

Thanks to my daughters, I’m reading a lot of classics these past few years. They read a classic, tell me it’s good, and then I read it. Today’s classic is The Scarlet Letter. Preconceived Notions I have to say that The Scarlet Letter was a little different from what I’d had in mind. I knew […]

Menu Plan Monday 5/1/2017

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday, friends! This is one of those times of the year where things happen really quickly. Around here, all three girls have birthdays, I have my big annual piano recital, there are band concerts, dance recitals, AP tests, and so much more. I’m sure you are busy, too. And thankfully, the […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Memorable College Courses

Last week’s memories post, about college majors and jobs, made me think more about my college days. Much of that time has descended into the murky mists of memory, most likely never to emerge. I wondered: which courses stood out? Was there anything that I learned that I still use, or at least think about, […]

Baby Bible Books: Review

Thanks, WorthyKids/Ideals, for review books and the giveaway books as well. Baby Bible Books Cute alert: these books are adorable! If you love God’s word, love books, and love babies and toddlers, you’re the perfect market for the new Baby Bible Books! There are two so far (I’m hoping for more to come): In the […]