Chick-Fil-A Salad Container Upcycling

One of my favorite online partnerships is with Chick-fil-A. I love the company’s friendliness and its Christian values. Oh, and its food is pretty good as well 🙂 Recently, the Chick-fil-A moms group I’m part of issued a challenge: take a used, washed, Chick-fil-A salad container, and use it for something else. Chick-fil-A salads are […]

Busy, Busy Board Book: Review

Thanks to Worthy Publishing for a review copy of the Busy, Busy Board Book for this review, which contains affiliate links. I love board books. The thick pages, the sturdiness, the bright colors — they bring back happy memories of all the time spent reading to my kids when they were little. Board books are […]

Menu Plan Monday 5/23/2016

Happy Menu Plan Monday! Do you plan your menus for the week? If you don’t, give it a try. For me at least, it has made dinnertime much less stressful. Sure, it takes me an hour or so on Sunday afternoon to get the dinners planned and ingredients either gathered or put onto the grocery […]

Childhood Memories Friday: Being Young

Being young: do you remember it? I know, I know: we all remember various things from our childhoods. But do you remember what it felt like to be young? I do, but the sensation is fleeting. On talk radio the other day, host Glenn Beck (who is my age), was discussing how he was “old, […]

My Toddler Bible: Review

Thanks to Kregel for a review copy of My Toddler Bible, whose review contains affiliate links. Even before my first daughter was born, I bought a toddler “Bible” for her in the teachers’ lounge at school where book vendors sometimes came selling books. I read it with all of the girls, and they loved the […]

Menu Plan Monday 5/16/2016

Welcome to another menu plan Monday! We’re having unusual spring weather here in the midwest — freeze warnings overnight 🙁 and several inches of rain in the last week. I’m hoping the coming weeks will bring some heat and drying for the sake of my plants outside. My annual spring recital was held over the […]

Best Baby Boomer TV Shows for Kids

Let’s face it: your kids’ favorite shows can get old after awhile. Never fear – you can tune in to some classic TV programs for a walk down memory lane. Your kids will likely love them as well. Best bets: Little House on the Prairie You probably grew up tuning in each week to see […]

IO Blocks Kids on the Block Party

Blocks. No matter how high-tech toys become, kids still seem to be drawn to the simple things — like blocks. I played with blocks growing up. My sister and I built churches and houses for our Fisher Price Little People with them. My own girls loved creating complex designs with blocks, too. Well, blocks are […]

Baby Wren and the Great Gift: Review

**Thanks to BookLook Bloggers for a review copy or Baby Wren and the Great Gift. Looking for a sweet gift for a new baby, or for any child really, up to the early elementary years? Give Baby Wren and the Great Gift a look. Its illustrations are lovely. The story is about baby wren, and […]