Childhood Memories Friday: OJ Simpson

  Twenty years ago — October 3, 1995, in fact — the O. J. Simpson murder trial ended. The American football star and actor was found not guilty of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. My memories of O. J. prior to his trial are sketchy. I was never a […]

First Train Robbery

  This week in history: on Oct. 6, 1866, the first robbery of a moving train happened in the United States. Interestingly enough (for me, at least), this occurred in Jackson County, Indiana — the county where I grew up. Three members of the “Reno gang” entered an Ohio & Mississippi train as it started […]

Apple Fritter Bread

I’m  usually sort of “meh” on doughnuts in general, although there are exceptions. Apple fritters are one. I love the mix of delicious dough, cinnamon, and apple pieces. How about a recipe for Apple Fritter Bread? It has all the deliciousness of its doughnut cousin, but since you make it yourself, you can create a […]

Menu Plan Monday 10-5-2015

Menu Plan Monday has arrived again. Do you make a plan each week for things you’re cooking? I have, for the past several years. I find it good in reducing stress during the week. I usually go to the grocery store just once a week, on Monday. If I have a menu plan in place, […]

Childhood Memories Friday: German Reunification

Remember when there was an East Germany and a West Germany? That’s how it was throughout my childhood years, and that’s what we learned about in school. East Germany was the communist nation, shrouded in gray. I never thought about it much, preferring its larger and more vibrant neighbor, West Germany. When I first visited […]

What is an Affiliate Link?

“This post contains affiliate links.” You have seen that often at the beginning of posts here, and most likely at other places online as well. It occurred to me recently that you may have no idea what that means. An affiliate link means that when you click on the link (on my blog, that’s usually […]

Menu Plan Monday 9-28-2015

  Welcome to the first Menu Plan Monday of fall! I hope your week was nice; it was a good one here. My oldest daughter visited from college, and it was great to see her again. It was nice having her eat here again She went back with some homemade applesauce and tortilla soup. My […]