Menu Plan Monday 2/12/2018

Menu Plan Monday

Hello friends, and welcome to another Menu Plan Monday. I hope you had a good week. Here, it was more intense cold and more snow. Thankfully, the weather cooperated for Daughter #3 and me to travel south about an hour for her first college visit (she is a high school junior). It was fun for her to have her turn at that excitement.

screen printing t-shirt

She was able to screen-print a shirt, see a dorm room, visit classrooms, and eat on campus. Fun! And more to come.

This week is the typical week with school and piano students. I also play organ for Ash Wednesday, which is this week. So get ready, because Easter is just 40 days away. And Easter means spring.

Menu Plan Monday

Here is the menu plan for the week:

Monday: Daughter #2 cooks — Lasagna and Mississippi Mud Pie

Tuesday: Savory Bean and Spinach Soup

2 qt. chicken broth

1 #10 can diced tomatoes

1 #10 can northern beans

1/2 box long grain wild rice

1 large onion, diced

garlic powder



1/2 bag of fresh spinach

Parmesan cheese

Wednesday: Taco Night — I plan to cook a 5-lb bag of chicken breasts in the crockpot. We will use that for the meat, and then I will put out other toppings too.

Thursday: Cheddar Chicken Spaghetti — a family favorite

Friday: Pizza Casserole — easy; I’ve been making it since the girls were little.

You can find more menu plan Monday ideas and recipes at OrgJunkie‘s. What is new this week for you?

4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 2/12/2018

  1. We’re trying to eat less gluten, so I’ll be making some dishes with g-free pasta or rice. Tonight it’s a spinach salad with strawberries and walnuts!

  2. We had really nice temperatures over the weekend – we even did some yard work – but then had tons of rain and some flooding. Thankfully our house is on a slight hill so wouldn’t be affected unless it got severe, but we have to do some maneuvering to get around flooded roads. College visiting is so fun!

  3. I will continue eating the rest of the lasagna I made Friday when your oldest daughter ate supper with me. I loved the fantastic meal I ate at 4 p.m. yesterday at Zion Lutheran Church. Annually they offer this meal around Valentine’s Day weekend. I always look forward to it. So many people attend!

  4. Your meal plans look enticing to me. I’m hungry right now, and would be happy to eat any one of them. Glad the college visit went well.

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