Piano Valentine Treats

Valentine's Day piano treat

I like to give my piano students a little treat at Valentine’s Day. What to give that is fun and yet doesn’t cost much? This year for my piano valentine treats, I decided to fill snack-size bags with gummy bears and add a topper saying “You’re a Beary Good Student.”

I had seen this idea on Pinterest, but alas, when I clicked to copy the copy art, the page had disappeared 🙁 Thankfully Daughter #3 was willing to create a cute bag topper for me. Here it is, and you’re welcome to use it if you like. Be sure to print it with enough space to have some flap to go on the back of the bag.piano Valentine bag topper

The gummy bears come courtesy of Walgreens (maybe CVS too; I can’t remember for sure). When I decided to do this, I watched for deals on gummy bears at those stores. Throughout the year, I was able to get a stash of gummies, all for free! The stores often offer them on sale for maybe $2 a bag, and then give you a $2 “register reward” when you buy it. Free is good! And gummy bears are a snack that most all kids seem to like.

gummi bears

I started by putting gummy bears in each bag. Then I put a topper on the top of each and stapled it twice. Prior to this, I wrote a brief message on the back of the topper, personalized for each student.

piano valentine treats

Voila! Easy and inexpensive piano valentine treats. Do you have any fun Valentine treat ideas to share?

4 thoughts on “Piano Valentine Treats

  1. What a cute idea! You and your daughters are so creative. I’m convinced your students will love them. Who doesn’t love gummy bears?

  2. Very creative (and delicious!) treats for your students. I am sure they will love and enjoy them. You are just full of great ideas!!

  3. That is so clever and I know the kids will love them! I would not know how to create the label, even with you virtually giving it to me. I am glad you are a person who understands things like that! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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