Menu Plan Monday 2/5/18

Amish Cooking Class Cookbook

Happy Menu Plan Monday! Are you all surviving winter so far? This is the point where I start getting really tired of it. We got snow yesterday and are expecting more this week. Thankfully February is a short month. I am ready to have more light and see some flowers poking through the dirt.

I was excited to receive the cookbook shown above in the mail this week to review. It’s called the Amish Cooking Class Cookbook, and it’s full of pretty photos and many tasty-sounding recipes. I want to try two of them this week in the menu plan.

Yesterday, we had lunch at church. Everyone brought a crockpot of soup, and then they had a sundae bar for dessert. I brought the lasagna soup that we love.

Daughter #3 and I are headed out to her first college visit this week too. That should be fun!

Menu Plan Monday

Here is the eating plan for the week:

Monday: Chicken Tortilla Bake — I have made this before and we liked it.

Tuesday: German Pizza (although if you read the recipe, it doesn’t really sound like my idea of pizza):

Amish German Pizza recipe

Wednesday: Chicken Roll-Ups — again from the Amish cookbook. I plan to make my own crescent rolls — maybe this recipe?

Amish Chicken Roll-Ups

Thursday: leftovers — lasagna from last week, lasagna soup from Sunday

Friday: college visit day. Daughter #3 and I will eat there; the others will be on their own —

Hopefully none of you have frozen out there! You can find more menu plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.

6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 2/5/18

  1. Yes – I am ready to see green things growing and more light and not having freezing water hit my hands when I turn on the faucet and many more changes to come. 🙂 I tell myself every day is a day closer to spring. 🙂 The German pizza sounds good even if it doesn’t sound like pizza. It seems funny to see a can of crescent rolls in an Amish cookbook recipe.

  2. I think I would enjoy the chicken roll-ups. Not so sure about the German pizza. If I could get beyond the idea of this being pizza with potatoes in it, I might enjoy it.

    The meteorologist said this morning that the sun will not be setting until 6:00 here, today. That was a welcome bit of news. I doubt if there will be sun at that time, because the snow is to begin moving in around 4:00-6:00. We got seven inches yesterday. I’m very ready for spring, too.

    Hope your college visit is successful.

  3. I am glad for your zeal in trying new recipes. I’ve done it all my life! Recently I made stir fry with a lot of brown rice. I keep eating it for my main meal and I love it! You ate soup at church Sunday. We had a chili cookoff at church Saturday night.
    As to your college visit – I am glad you are beginning to look early. That is a healthy sign. I hear from teachers that the lowest price Indiana college is Indiana State at Terre Haute. One also said Purdue charges you for less things than Indiana University. The same teacher said if I.U. could charge you for air you breath, they would!

  4. Tonight we had leftover spaghetti and meatballs from a church spaghetti dinner on Saturday. Tomorrow I will make Picadillo with rice and we’ll have the leftovers on Thursday. Wednesday we’ll be meeting friends for lunch and we’ll have our main meal then (I plan to order salmon!!). I will think of something for Friday and Saturday later in the week. Good luck with the college visit! I hope spring comes early for you and the rest of the Hoosiers! Let us know when the crocus and tulips pop up.

  5. The chicken roll-ups look delicious! I also love Amish recipes – my sister lives in Middlebury so has many of them from friends. So sorry we missed the Souper Bowl lunch at church. We just had too many things going on this weekend.

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