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Have you ever wished you had a good resource for finding Bible quotes and Christian quotes? Sure, you could just go to the source and look in the Bible itself (and I recommend that). But, how about an online site that is searchable and that has ready-made infographics that you can post on social media?
Let me introduce you to
The site has over 10,000 Christian quotes, categorized by Bible, Author, and Topic. The site also posts a new devotional each day around the daily quote. It features thousands of images perfect for sharing on Facebook.
I like the search feature. Up near the top, to the right, I click on “find a quote.” You can type in a topic (like “moving,” “graduation,” etc.), or a Christian you’d like to find a quote from (I tried Elisabeth Elliot or Amy Carmichael).
Boom — immediately, you get lots of applicable quotes. If you see one you like, or an image you like, they are ready-made with buttons to share on Facebook or other social media.
I enjoy the site, and found it a fun place to spend some time.
Have you heard of the Christian Quotes site?

4 thoughts on “Christian Quotes Website

  1. I wasn’t aware of it, but am sure it will be helpful to me. Thanks for making us aware of it.

  2. Thanks for telling about this site. I am going to check it out since the site I was using for a daily scripture reading stopped sending it on 1/1/18.

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