Menu Plan Monday 1/22/2018

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A week ago, I was on vacation in Florida (as you can see, I couldn’t resist one more photo — It’s a Small World). Now, I’m back and in the midst of a bunch of stuff. Piano kids are back. And, this coming Saturday I’m accompanying 13 students on their instrumental solos at ISSMA (Indiana School Music)’s contest at a local high school. I enjoy doing this each year, but it does make for a crazy week. Each of the 13 will come over this week for a final run-through of their piece. I pretty much expect to hear from at least one more last-minute kid frantically needing an accompanist, too. But a week from now it will all be over (well, except for the 4 who may go on to state contest next month if they earn a first place, but that’s a topic for another time).

Menu Plan Monday

So, since so much will be happening during the evenings this week, I’m focusing on easy-to-prepare dinners. Here’s the agenda:

Monday: Taco Soup — looks similar to this recipe

Tuesday: White Chicken Chili — lately I’ve been making this easy recipe, which was on the Bush’s White Chili Beans label. Really quick, and tasty too.

Wednesday: Hamburger Helper Lasagna — everybody complains about Hamburger Helper, but my kids have always liked it 🙂

Thursday: Fiesta Chili Bake — I have made this for years and we like it — got the recipe from a Del Monte tomato label.

Friday: I don’t know yet! Do you have a soup recipe, or a crockpot recipe? If so, please share a link in the comments. Remember, it’s quick and easy week.

You can find more menu plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.

What is new with you this week? Chime in in the comments 🙂

8 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 1/22/2018

  1. I vote to ask daughter #2 to step in and cook for the family Friday evening. I have no idea if that would fit in with her plans because she has a life, too. I know she loves to cook and takes pride in her presentation.
    Break a leg Saturday!

  2. Put a hunk of meat in the crock pot, season it with s/p (Seasoned salt is good) add 1 cup water and cook on low. Shred, add BBQ sauce. OR use beef season with 1 [2 for richer flavor] packs of Good Season’s Italian salad dressing (sprinkle all over it) add 1 cup of water or rose wine (if using red Holland House cooking wine add a little sugar). If desired, near the end add onions, peppers and serve on crusty rolls with or without cheese.

  3. Glad you had a good break in Florida! Yesterday I made old-fashioned meatloaf (egg, cracker crumbs, onion and ketchup) and boiled potatoes with their skins on, with a Greek salad. Didn’t really take that much time to do, and it was tasty! Good luck at the music contests!

  4. We like Hamburger Helper Lasagna, too – that and their Crunchy Taco. One of our favorite soups is Bear Creek Cheddar Potato. It’s a mix – add 8 cups of water, simmer 15 minutes, and it’s done. I add a few frozen hash browns and bacon bits, just because I Like more “stuff” in my soup than liquid. While that’s simmering, I halve English muffins, spread with Miracle Whip (or mayo or honey mustard), fold a few slices of thin-sliced ham and turkey on them, top with a couple of different kids of cheese (I like provolone, my son likes cheddar, sometimes we use Swiss – whatever we have on hand), and warm in the oven just long enough for the cheese to get melty. Then I rinse off a few baby carrots for a side, and we’re ready. Hope all goes well this weekend!

  5. Your choice of soups, etc. sounds perfect for this ever-changing weather now that it is cooling back down again. I have never used the lasagne Hamburger Helper mix, but I plan to try it since several of my friends (you for one) are big fans. 🙂 Hopefully, Isabel will help you out with the Friday cooking since it will be “crunch time” on the music preps. I know that you will do a fabulous job as accompanist, so I hope the students will do great as well.

  6. It sounds as if you needed a vacation to prepare yourself for this week.

    I suggest reading the recipe on Stovetop Stuffing mix and using it to make meatloaf. Throw some potatoes into the oven at the same time. Ask one of your daughters to throw a salad together, and you’ll have your meal.

  7. Reading about your busy week made me tired!! As a music student, I entered the solo and ensemble contests for several years so it brought back lots of fond memories. Good luck to you and the students! Yesterday I bought a whole chicken and a Boston Butt so I plan to get out the crock pot and fix those this week. Since it’s just the two of us, I will probably freeze leftovers after we’ve eaten them a couple of times.

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