A Winter Week in Florida

Walt Disney statue at Disney World

How about a little news from my (almost) week spent in Florida?

airplane clouds

Fortunately, I got a window seat on the plane. Unfortunately, this was the view for almost the entire journey: clouds. When we did finally descend though, it was so nice to see all the green. Coincidentally, upon return, when we broke beneath the clouds back in Indiana, it looked almost like a battle scene: all gray, black, and white. Big contrast!.

Walt Disney statue at Disney World

And yes, it was so nice to see flowers blooming — palm trees with fronds swaying in the breeze. I love the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey in front of the Disney World castle. I recently read a book about Roy and Walt Disney, which made aspects of the visit more interesting. Review coming soon 🙂


Italy in Epcot

I visited Disney with my sister. We spent two days at the Magic Kingdom, two at Epcot, and one at Animal Kingdom. Above, a scene from Italy in Epcot. I really enjoy the world showcase there, where you can wander around in 11 different countries in an hour or so. Yes, it’s fake — but it’s so pretty.

Epcot ball

I love the Epcot “ball,” called Spaceship Earth. There’s a ride inside, where you get in a car and are taken on a journey through mankind’s history. It’s really interesting and one of my favorites.

bird at Disney

As often is true for me, it’s the small things that make a trip fun. Like this unusual bird finding a snack …

Disney fairy tale wedding epcot China

Oh, and this was kind of neat. We came across a wedding at the Epcot Japan Pavilion (see the bride entering with her parents, I guess, on the right?). We heard it was for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, which will air on Freeform channel this spring. Bunches of people were peeking in, but the area was closed off and the producers were talking to the seated guests before the wedding began, etc. It was interesting to see a little glimpse into a televised event. I have to say I would not want any part of my life being filmed after seeing this (or even before, honestly).

Disney World

skies above Disney carousel

There were some beautiful skies.

Donald Trump Disney

I enjoyed seeing our new president in the Hall of Presidents, and was glad that those in the show with me were mature enough not to act out when he spoke (hard to believe we’ve reached a point in America where I even need to say this). I’d read that his figure didn’t look like him. From the distance I sat, he looked pretty good, I thought. I felt like neither Bush looked lifelike, and Ronald Reagan looked like an elf! 🙁

Beaches and Cream Disney sundaes No Way Jose and Brownie Mudslide

Of course, on a vacation you expect great food. Disney didn’t disappoint. These delicious sundaes (thanks to my mom for financing them) were at Beaches and Cream ice cream shop.

I liked this Walt Disney quote, posted along the walkway between our hotel and Epcot. It really is true that it’s the sign of a great trip that you can pretty much totally forget “real life.”

Epcot Disney sunset


I’ll leave you with a final beautiful sunset over Epcot’s world showcase. I’m hoping such scenes arrive in Indiana with an early spring this year.



7 thoughts on “A Winter Week in Florida

  1. I’m so glad both you and Jill enjoyed the trip. What a pleasant break from the winter we’re having in the Midwest, this year.

  2. Looks as though you and Jill had an enjoyable holiday at DW. I have enjoyed your photos and commentary!

  3. What fun! In our family, only my youngest son has been to Disney, and he raved about the food. He’s sad that one thing he really, really liked, he can only get there. 🙂

  4. I enjoyed reading about your trip to Disney. It truly is a magical place. Sounds as though you and your sister covered a lot of territory while you were there. I’d love to hear more so anytime you want to share more of your adventures, I’d welcome them!!

  5. I am so glad you and Jill shared this fun time together. When families love each other, it can be an early heaven on Earth!

  6. Thanks for the Disney travelogue! Your pictures are really good, and they helped me to remember the 3 times that Joe and I got to do Disney World together. Glad that you had such a good experience along with the celebration of Jill’s 50th birthday!

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