Menu Plan Monday 1/1/18

Menu Plan Monday

Happy 2018 to all you readers! I hope this year will hold many good things for each of you. Here, it is freezing cold with temps only expected to reach the single digits the next few days. I am not a big winter weather fan anyway, but this is definitely character-building weather.

Last week was fun here with lots of visits to places around here, and one to a new IKEA store a few hours away. I’ve never been before; have you? It took a few hours to go through, but was a lot of fun. There are lots of rooms made up, and each item has a price tag on it. If you like something, you write it down and then get it from the warehouse part of the store.

IKEA Fishers Indiana

The cafeteria there was nice also. I got a nice meal for $3.99!

IKEA cafeteria food

We made a Yule Log (basically a cake roll) from a recipe that came in the mail recently from Kroger. It took quite a bit of effort to make (although not too bad with the girls helping), and it made me appreciate the ones that the band sells for $15!

cake roll Yule log

cake roll Yule log

cake roll Yule log

Voila! Sorry about the ’70s era Tupperware 🙂

The year started well here (or at least, 2017 ended well) with church on Sunday and then the girls and I making some good foods. I made peanut butter brownie cupcakes that I’d made (and loved) for Daughter #1’s graduation. Daughter #2 made “monster toes” (cocktail sausages wrapped in crescent rolls). I also had a Hormel party tray that we snacked on, and sparkling grape juice. And, another tradition was that we watched the Twilight Zone marathon yesterday and today on the SyFy channel. It’s just relaxing and fun.

This week the girls are still home most of the week, and so things will still be rather low-key. Here are the menu plans so far:

Monday: I hope we can go to Moe’s for dinner. Usually on New Year’s Day they have a great deal. I think in the past it’s been $3 burritos.

Tuesday: Tex Mex Nacho Foil Packets — a favorite, and I think I’ve mentioned before how much I like “packet” type meals, since they make individual meals so easy.

Wednesday: my sister gave me a jar of Indian Tandoori sauce at Christmas. I think I’ll cook chicken and spinach and serve it with this and rice.

Thursday: Hamburger Vegetable Soup — this makes a lot, and it’s perfect for a cold week like this. Maybe I’ll make rolls or some type of bread too.

Friday: not sure yet. Remember, it’s a laid-back week 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 1/1/18

  1. Your trip to IKEA was a surprise to me. I am glad you went. I doubt I ever go because at this stage of my life, I would not need that type thing. I am so glad we got to spend Christmas together. This weather is just strange. I can only imagine how many days we would have had two hour delays (during our Christmas break.) From that angle, it’s come at a good time. Happy New Year!

  2. Yum! Call in love with IKEA so you can visit the one by my office 😎 It was a great help when we moved to our current, much smaller house. Also, they have some great shoebox items in the kids department!

  3. I have had those crescent-roll wrapped mini sausages before – one of my favorite appetizers – but I have never heard them called monster toes! Funny! Your yule log turned out nice. I think I tried a cake roll only one time and found it difficult. I would love to visit IKEA but we don’t have one near.

  4. Doubt that I will ever get around to IKEA, but I’m glad that you had that experience! Did you buy anything while there? Lately, I have made most purchases either by catalog or online. Most of the time I like what I get, but other times the item doesn’t measure up to the picture.
    The monster toes is a cute idea that I want to try. There are so many good ideas for crescent rolls. My favorite Aunt had a recipe for a casserole with chicken, cheese, and cream of chicken soup all rolled up in crescent rolls that we all liked. Sometimes she used shaved ham instead of chicken. She called them “chicken birds”. No cake rolls for me, because I am too fond of pie to bother much with cakes.

  5. I have been to Ikea only once and that was many years ago so I can’t remember much about the experience. There is none near where I have lived for the last 22 years. I’d like to go sometime though. Your meals for the week sound good. Tonight I made a chicken recipe that Karen made for us while we were visiting at Christmas. Mine turned out almost as good as hers! We have leftovers which we’ll have on Wednesday. I am thinking spaghetti and meat balls for Tuesday with a garden salad. I am under the weather with the start of a head cold so I may be wanting chicken soup the rest of the week. I’d love a piece of that cake roll you made!! Have never made one, sounds like too much work.

  6. This is the first New Year’s we haven’t watched the Twilight Zone marathon, because we don’t get that channel anymore. The old episodes were the best, with many famous actors. Your yule log cake looks wonderful!

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