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We are at a point where we’re looking back at what has happened during 2017. It has been a great year for some, a difficult year for others, and falls somewhere in between for the rest. There have been awful incidents that involved terrorism and natural disasters this year, but some good things have happened as well since cancer and infertility treatment keeps improving.

Many people have looked back at the celebrity births, marriages, as well as breakups that happened over the year. Many people who are non-celebrities have experienced those huge changes in life as well.

Did you have a baby girl this year? Or do you have a family member or a friend who did? If so, what encouraged you to choose the name that you did? Or if you have a family member or a friend who had a daughter this year, what inspired them to name her what they did?

Just as things evolve and change over the years, baby names do too. You can bet that Biblical names never die off, as you will see plenty of girls being born that are named Sarah or Rachel. However, you will see less girls named Jennifer, Caitlin or Andrea because those names were popular in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s.

You may have noticed a rise in the popularity of old fashioned names such as Evelyn or Sylvia, and you are even seeing a rise in Shakespearean names. Some of these fall into the most unusual baby names, and listed below are the most unusual baby names of 2017:


The name Ophelia is a Shakespearean name, and was somewhat popular in the 1800s. It is a beautiful name but many people may have been hesitant to use who have read Hamlet, as Ophelia was Hamlet’s girlfriend who lost her mind and died. However, many who named their daughters Ophelia this past year either did not read Hamlet, or didn’t have that association and loved the name anyway. It is certainly one of the most unusual names of this year.


The name Cleo is of Greek origin and it means illustrious. Even though Cleo is not technically unusual, its popularity died down long ago. Perhaps in 2018 it will become mainstream.


The name Etta has been used for baby girls this past year and it is quite unusual. Etta is of German origin and it means little one. Or it is also of Teutonic origin, and it means the ruler of the home. It is also traced back to have Latin origin, which may be a variant of Henrietta or Harriette.


The name Remi has been used for boys periodically, however this past year it has been used for girls and it is quite unusual. Remi is a French name and it means rower.


When you think of the name Mila, you probably think of the Ukrainian actress, Mila Kunis. However, it has been gaining popularity in America over the past year but it is still one of the most unusual names for girls. Mila is a Czech name, and it means industrious. In Russian, Mila also means people’s love.


Anya is a very unusual girl name and has been on the rise this year. It is of Greek origin, and means grace. Anya is also a Russian name, and it also means grace, and it is a variant of Hannah.


Juno is one of those unusual girl names that have been gaining popularity this year. Juno is of Irish origin, and it means young, and in Roman mythology, Juno was the protector of women as well as of marriage. June derives from Juno, and therefore this is why June is known as the bridal month.  Juno is also another Shakespearean name that has been increasing in popularity like some of the others this year. Juno was in The Tempest. Juno was also the title of a movie from 2007. The character of Juno, played by Ellen Page, was a pregnant teen.


When you hear the name Uma, you probably think of the actress Uma Thurman, however it is a highly unusual name that was used more in 2017 for girls. Uma is of Indian origin, and in Hindi, it means bright.


Nora was used decades ago and it is highly unusual now. However, this past year it has increased popularity for girls. Nora is of Greek and Hebrew origin, which means light. In Latin, Nora means honor. In Italian, Nora is the variant of Eleanora.


Vera is a very unusual baby name which has been used more for girls this year. Vera is of Latin origin, and it means true.


The name Astrid is not unusual in Scandinavian countries, however it is very unusual in North America and has been used more for girls this past year. Astrid is Scandinavian for divine strength.


It is unusual to hear little girls named Aviva that are not either Jewish or Israeli, however Aviva has been gaining popularity for girls this year of all ethnicities and religions, and it is Hebrew for innocent.


Alizeh is an extremely unusual name used for girls, but it has been used for this past year; Alizeh is of Persian origin, and it means wind.


Tahiti is a very unusual name that has been used more for girls in 2017. Tahiti is Hawaiian for rising sun.


Ines is quite rare and has been used more for girls in 2017. Ines is of Greek origin and it means pure, or holy, or chaste. Ines is also a variant of Agnes.

If you are having a baby girl or know of someone who is, you can run this list for ideas for names because these names will likely stay trendy in 2018.

4 thoughts on “Most Unusual Baby Girl Names 2017

  1. Some of my great-grandchildren have somewhat unusual names! They are Layla, Adalae, Jett, and Kellan. The other two have names that may be more familiar: Sawyer and Vivian. It has taken me over a year to get used to all of these names. These children range in age from almost 3 down to less than 3 months. The three older kids all walk, run, and talk up a storm! Two more are in the crawling stage and the youngest isn’t mobile yet. All are at very cute stages and lots of fun!

  2. Very interesting to read about these unusual names and their meanings. My feelings about naming children is to make it a plain name without an unusual spelling. Otherwise the person is constantly repeating it to have it pronounced correctly. And who needs to constantly be spelling their name so it’s correct? I made a huge mistake with my older daughter’s name. I had always loved the name Michele and especially the Beatles’ song by that name. So I spelled her name with one “L” not realizing what she would have to endure all of her life because it’s constantly being spelled with two “L’s”, Michelle which is the more common spelling. She has always had to correct the misspellings on documents, in school (even though the teachers knew it was spelled with one “L”), and at other times. Then there’s a person like me (Margaret) who was nicknamed Peggy. So everyone knew me as Peggy or Peg but legally I am Margaret. So many problems all my life.

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