Menu Plan Monday 12/4/17

Menu Plan Monday

Hello friends and welcome to another Menu Plan Monday! I hope you all had a good week and are getting into the Christmas spirit. I had a really fun Saturday; one of the most fun days I can remember lately. First, my two girls at home and I went to the animal shelter for their annual open house. I love this, but I also hate it because it’s so sad seeing all the animals that are waiting for homes. One little dog, 9 years old, was so cute. He kept crying out to us, and loved being petted and licking us. Every time we walked away, he would start yipping for us to return. I hope he finds a great home soon —

Then, I met a friend at a local university where we toured “Christmas in the Castle,” an early 20th-century mansion on the grounds.

Bass Mansion ballroom

More about that later this week, but here’s just a hint to entice you.

Williams Woodland Christmas tour

Then that evening, daughter #2 and I went on a Christmas tour of homes with another friend and her daughter. Again, I’ll show you more later. But it was a really neat day. So many wonderful things going on around town during this season.

This is yet another busy week. On Tuesday, I’m going to daughter #1’s college town to hear her play in a concert that night. Thankfully daughter #2 has offered to cook that night. And the annual piano Christmas recital/party is Saturday, so I’ll be baking and gearing up for that. How much good stuff can happen in a week? I guess I’ll be finding out. Here’s the plan:

Monday: I’m going to cook a 5-lb package of chicken in the crockpot, and then use that and other toppings for a taco night. Then I’ll freeze the rest of the chicken.

Tuesday: daughter #2 cooks — Made Over Chicken Tetrazzini — and No Bake Nutella Cheesecake (she even makes dessert!)

Wednesday: I visited our town’s new-and-improved Aldi last week and picked up several fun things, including a package of tortellini. I’ll be making that tonight.

Thursday: I have half a package of Bob’s Red Mill bean soup; I’ll make the bean chili recipe on the package.

Friday: I recently bought another new product at the store: Campbell’s “Freezer to Plate” southwest mix. Looks like I add chicken and then this will provide seasoning and rice. Hopefully it will be good.

You can find more menu plan Monday ideas and recipes at OrgJunkie‘s. Wishing you all a wonderful week of enjoying the season —

8 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 12/4/17

  1. I didn’t realize Caroline was still in any music at school. Very cool! Did you see that the Music School added a degree in film scoring? Wow! Enjoy your busy week.

  2. “Christmas in the Castle” looks lovely – looking forward to hearing more about it! I keep meaning to visit Aldi’s, but I usually end up going to the regular, familiar places. But I’ve heard good things about Aldi’s. My son and d-i-l like to go there.

  3. Wow! You have a full week ahead. What does Daughter #1 play? Is she playing her flute, or does she do piano?

    That dessert Daughter #2 is making looks delicious. Although, I confess I don’t even know the flavor of Nutella. I’ll have to look that up, some time.

    Your recital should be fun.

  4. I’ve not made it to “Christmas in the Castle” yet, but hope to sometime. Also I want to go to the Swinney Homestead Christmas, which I missed last weekend. We were so busy with the craft show, teaching and hosting a dinner. One of our friends made the Cracker Barrel shredded potato casserole, and it’s very quick to do. So I made it and added leftover ham chopped up. Also I’m soaking beans to make ham and beans tomorrow with the ham bone. Never have done that before…it’s about time!

  5. Love your “teaser” pictures of the Saturday activities! Fort Wayne certainly does have much to offer, and it is so nice to live so close to take advantage of several of them. I am actually making cubed steak with mushroom gravy and mixed vegetables for my supper tonight. The refrigerator is almost empty again, so I need to get busy and fill it right back up with a few good choices to pick from.
    Enjoy Caroline’s concert! At least there is no snow to hamper your trip to Bloomington, so safe travels tomorrow.

  6. Saturday evening I took a Tour of Homes in Seymour, all decked out in their holiday glory. One home in particular I LOVED! I will think back to that home a thousand times in years to come! The founder of Seymour had it built for his daughter in the 1800s. Yesterday afternoon our church had “Mingle/Jingle” for ladies in church. Food was catered and very eclectic. We had Christmas devotions and ended with doing a fun craft. It was lovely ~

  7. Great blog today! I am looking forward to the rest of the week so I can hear all about your fun weekend. I haven’t gotten around to meal planning for this week since I have a lot of Christmas stuff to do. However, my freezer is stocked so I’ll be using things out of it. We won’t go hungry!!

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