Celebrate Game Day with HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays

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This is the season of holidays — and of game days. You know, basketball games, football games, etc. While I’m not much of a sports fan, others in my extended family are. Recently, we gathered to celebrate a birthday, and sure enough — the TV went on and the guys were watching a game. For some reason, watching sports makes people hungry. What to do?


Hormel to the rescue! They have come up with Party Trays, ready-made with meat, cheese, and crackers. All you have to do is pop off the cover, and open the individual containers. It couldn’t be easier. As we opened one up, my sister mentioned how nice it was that the crackers were even already all lined up inside their sleeve. And I do appreciate that the items are packaged separately, because meat-flavored crackers just aren’t that good. Ditto on cheese-flavored meat. Hormel has thought of all that. They even come with a ready-to-use tray, although you could certainly use your own plate if you prefer that.

HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party TraysI bought my tray at Meijer, but I’ve also seen them at Kroger and WalMart. You can use http://www.hormel.com/Locator to locate the store nearest you. Above you can see a variety with salami and pepperoni. Below is the one I chose — it features ham and turkey. My daughters were mentioning that they would enjoy snacking on any items that were left over.



I’m glad I’ve learned about these trays. They’re more affordable than buying all the components individually, and honestly they’re just affordable, period (priced around $15, and when I bought mine they were on sale for less than that).


Do you have any tips for stress-free party planning? Any go-to foods you enjoy for quick get-togethers? Share in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Celebrate Game Day with HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays

  1. Those trays look interesting to me. Thanks for letting me know they exist.

  2. So far I have never bought such a party tray, but now I might! Thanks for the info! Sounds like the price is right.

  3. These trays are a wonderful idea. Thanks for letting us know about them. I always just bought everything separately and then usually had some left. I will check these out.

  4. I did not realize this product was out there. It looks so handy and tasty. I think lots of consumers would appreciate buying these, especially around the holidays.

  5. My go to food item is a cheese ball rolled in pecans. Super easy. Thanks!

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