Menu Plan Monday 11/27/17

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Menu Plan Monday to you all! I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. It always seems like there is such a lead-up to the more major holidays, and then they are over so quickly. Such was the case with Thanksgiving, and probably will be with Christmas as well. We visited out of state for a few days and now are back, and I am hustling to get up Christmas decor. It’s a lot of work, but I do enjoy the festive look. My oldest daughter was home for college and did a big project: she put all my many CD’s onto the computer and now I can listen to them through a speaker. It’s really pretty neat. She said now I am free to get rid of all the CD’s, which still feels a bit … wrong. Anybody want some? ๐Ÿ™‚

I read this morning that Prince Harry is engaged now to girlfriend Meghan Markle. I’ve never been a fan of this match (honestly, I haven’t cared for any of Harry’s girlfriends), but I wish them well. I have enough royal fixations that honestly I guess it’s kind of nice to have one who I don’t have to care about following.

So, it’s back to cooking as usual this week. Here is the plan —

Monday: Skinny Chicken and Spinach Alfredo โ€” Iโ€™m not sure how โ€œskinnyโ€ it is, but itโ€™s good.

skinny chicken alfredo

Tuesday: Gnocchi Soup — we had some delicious gnocchi soup at Fazoli’s yesterday and this looks similar, hopefully?

Wednesday: Chicken Noodle Soup (no real recipe, just chicken, carrots, onion, seasoning, etc.) In place of the noodles I may make spaetzle. My sister-in-law told me about it, and we were discussing it over Thanksgiving … My mom also gave me a scone mix for my birthday; may make those as well.

Thursday: baked fish and some of the grain/couscous blend I bought recently at Trader Joe’s.

Friday:ย  Lasagna Soup โ€” a favorite. Like lasagna, but soup! And it’s definitely soup weather by now.

Have a good week! You can find more menu plan Monday ideas and recipes at OrgJunkieโ€˜s.

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 11/27/17

  1. I cooked a lot for Thanksgiving. The kick back for doing that is all the wonderful leftovers I have to eat. Every main meal since Thursday has been another Thanksgiving for me. Thursday for our evening meal a guest took flats, cut them in half and made a wonderful turkey salad which she spread on the flats. It was so good! I plan to make more turkey salad real soon.

  2. Both of your soups look good. But when I looked at the recipe for gnocchi soup, I was surprised to see that it said, 16 oz. of gnocchi. What in the world is gnocchi? Does one buy it or prepare it?

    I’d be happy to review your CDs before you toss them.

  3. We enjoyed a delicious turkey and stuffing dinner at my sister’s in Valparaiso. I made homemade yeast rolls and a new dessert, “Berries in a Cloud.” It was very good!

  4. We’ve had turkey every day since Thanksgiving. Today I froze some so in the future I can make Turkey Divan (instead of Chicken Divan), Turkey Tacos (instead of Ground Beef Tacos), and since I read the above post about Turkey Salad, that’s a great way to use some more of the turkey very soon. All of your recipes for this week sound wonderful. Your blog on Mondays always make me hungry!!

  5. We have all or at least most of the CDs on the computer, too, and then sync it to my phone so they’re there as well. But I still have the CDs. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey, I just last week got rid of almost 100 cassette tapes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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