Crazy 8’s Holiday Collection

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Crazy 8 Sale On Now!

You may have read some of my earlier Christmas clothing collection reviews, and some of you might have thought, “Those clothes look great, but I really don’t have a lot of super dressy events this Christmas season.”

I hear you — or, I guess I should say, Crazy 8 hears you. They help you #ShineYourWay with looks that kids love that are comfortable and look nice, but are maybe a bit on the more casual side.

#ShineYourWay with Crazy 8

You always get a good deal at Crazy 8. For instance, the $6 microfleece tops seen above — now that’s affordable. You can play with prints, pop some color, and find your own holiday style in casual-cool looks.

Crazy 8s Holiday Collection for Girls

Crazy 8s Holiday Collection for Boys

Make sure to check the site frequently, because there are always deals of some kind. As I write this post on Tuesday, I see that there is free shipping. What special deals do you see? What is your favorite casual Christmas look?




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  1. I love these clothes but I have no one for whom to buy. I remember how I used to buy such cute clothes for my 5 grandkids but they are all grown-up now. Maybe someday there will be great-grandkids. (Sigh.)

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