Clever Creations Nutcrackers and Pickle Ornaments for Family Christmas Traditions

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I love nutcrackers! I have a few that are made in Germany. The girls have loved seeing them come out each year at Christmas — they’re a fun family tradition here.

#CleverCreations Nutcrackers

So I was really excited to have the opportunity this year to learn about nutcrackers made by Clever Creations. The company is eager to help families begin their own traditions, and to that end they make a whole bunch of types of nutcrackers. In the photo, you’ll see a traditional king, a chubby Scottish nutcracker, and a fun and quirky beach Santa nutcracker. Something for everyone! The nutcrackers are made in China. While this may be a bit of a bummer to purists, I am okay with it. For one thing, German-made nutcrackers are much higher priced. And if you’re using these with children, lower-cost nutcrackers like these will cause you less stress when little hands try them out 🙂

#CleverCreations #Tryazon #nutcrackers Christmas pickle

Clever Creations Pickle Ornaments

As my own girls have gotten a little older, my piano students are now enjoying my holiday goodies. Clever Creations also makes pickle ornaments. You may have heard that these are a German tradition — as I had — but alas, that is not true. But no matter that, you can start your own fun family tradition with them. Put a pickle ornament on your tree, and the first one to find it gets to open a gift first on Christmas morning!

I have a glass pickle ornament, and over the years, it has begun to break near the top. The thing I love about these pickle ornaments is that they look like they’re glass, and yet they’re not — they are shatter-proof. This is a very good thing when kids are involved.

Have you ever shopped at Clever Creations? Any traditions revolving around nutcrackers at your house?

3 thoughts on “Clever Creations Nutcrackers and Pickle Ornaments for Family Christmas Traditions

  1. I also love nutcrackers! I don’t have many though. Last year at Christmas, we gave Karen and family a pickle ornament. I am anxious to see if it’s hidden in their huge tree this year. They loved the idea.

  2. My Christmas tradition is/was collecting manger scenes, or creches, as the French say. I had to get rid of some when I downsized, but I kept my favorite one — my African creche. I really enjoy that one.

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