Layflat Photo Books at Blurb

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I love making photo books. In fact, each year, at the end of the year, I spend a few days going through all my digital photos from the year and make them into a photo “yearbook” of the family.

One thing that is a little bit of a pain about these is that some photos and text are inevitably “in the crack” of the book. I don’t want to open the book too far, not wanting to “crack” the spine.

What to do?

Blurb and Layflat Books

Blurb to the rescue. This photo book company has come up with a great solution. They call it the “layflat” book, and as you can see from the photo, these books really do lay flat. It seems like these would be a real pleasure to look at. No more peering into the crack, trying to guess who or what is hiding there.

Have you ever made a photo book with Blurb? Have you ever tried their layflat design? I’m going to be checking them out real soon.

Turn any photo book into a layflat showcase with a gorgeous collection of seamless spreads at Blurb

2 thoughts on “Layflat Photo Books at Blurb

  1. These lay-flat books look like winners. If I ever find the pictures of Emmanuel, which I’ve misplaced, I hope to do a picture book. This looks like a good possibility.

  2. I have done a couple of picture books but neither lies flat. I really like that these do. I certainly will keep the name of this company for future use. Thanks for letting us know about it.

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