Menu Plan Monday 10/23/17

Open Air Greenhouse Warsaw

Happy Menu Plan Monday, everyone! This is the first week of the season where we have snow predicted on the forecast — for this coming Sunday morning. I hope it won’t happen that soon, although the first snow is always exciting. And the weather is turning quickly, considering that yesterday I still was taking daily bike rides.

I went to a greenhouse about 45 minutes away with the local bonsai club, and rode along with a friend and her son. I didn’t really need any plants, but it’s always fun to look — even in this season, when things aren’t as sparkly-fresh as they were a few months ago. Daughter #3 participated in yet another band competition in the state capital. Busy time of year …

This week, I will somehow be fitting 55 cake rolls into my freezer. Daughter #3 sold them as part of a band fund raiser, and every year this event forces me to go through my two freezers and condense things in them as much as possible. Still, every year I wonder if I’ll be able to fit them all in. And for the past six years, somehow I have. So keep your fingers crossed for me!

Here’s how the coming week is shaping up, menu-wise:

Monday: Daughter #2 cooks

Tuesday: White Chicken Lasagna — a nice alternative to “regular” lasagna.

Wednesday: Hamburger Vegetable Soup — a great soup as the weather gets colder. Also probably naan bread. I’ve tried making it, but lately I’m finding packs of Stonefire Mini Naan bread at Meijer for $1. Hard to justify making it when I can buy it so cheap. And, of course — cake rolls for dessert.

Thursday: Slow Cooker (aka crockpot) Pizza Pasta — I’ve made it before, but it’s been a while.

Friday: Tortilla Soup (see recipe last week). I made enough that I still have half from last time 🙂

You can find more menu plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s. What is new in your world this week?


9 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 10/23/17

  1. I return to school after a two day fall break. For the first time in years, I plan to buy a school lunch today. They are serving General Tso’s Chicken. So I will have a light evening meal. I am trying to use up meats I have in the freezer. Soon I will hope to find a good price on a turkey breast or two. It’s about that time of year. . .

  2. Both the white chicken lasagna and the slow cooker pizza pasta look interesting to me. But, alas, I’m not supposed to eat pasta of any kind. Eating it occasionally is probably not too bad for me, but making an entire recipe and eating it alone, would not be good for me. So, I guess I must forego it. But I’m sure it’s going to be good.

  3. Yes, I agree that the first snow is always exciting and that puts me in a festive mood well ahead of Thanksgiving and Christmas! I also share your love of checking out the plants at anywhere there is a display. Lowe’s and Menard’s in Ft. Wayne have always been two of our go to places on the SW side of town. Huntington Nursery and Zahm’s Greenhouse down Huntington way are pretty neat, too. Like Attic Girl I need to get my freezer cleaned out and my cupboards are full, so no grocery store trips needed this week.
    My Facebook is not letting me on today at all for some dumb reason, so I am using Joe’s old account to post this. Don’t think that it is safe to close his out just yet, especially when I can almost always get on his when mine doesn’t work. They want me to change my password AGAIN, and I am sick and tired of doing that. We shall see what tomorrow brings!

  4. It’s been so nice out lately! We have been spoiled by the warm fall weather. But I like cozy, cold, rainy days, too. Good for crock pot cooking and hot tea. Your menus sound great as always. I think my husband would fall on the floor if I planned the whole week’s suppers ahead of time, but we’re having baked cube steak and mashed potatoes tonight. And some brownies and ice cream for dessert!

  5. Sorry about the snow in the forecast. I don’t miss it–we’ve had so little where we live now except for one winter! I love seeing “Daughter X cooks” — wish that trend would hit my house, lol!

  6. Crazy busy here with going to watch a grandson play golf in the Florida high school regional playoffs. So, no cooking for three evenings! Will make green split with ham soup upon returning. Also need to use up some freezer items. No snow here in Central Florida. Just perfect golf weather today, sunny, light breeze and in the mid-70’s.

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