Animoto: Marketing Video Builder for Business

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Today, let’s look at a new-to-me company: Animoto.

Animoto is an online business that can help you create professional video slideshows for any occasions — I’m thinking they would be great for making quality video slideshows for a wedding reception or a funeral, for instance.

But Animato also offers professional plans for businesses. With a subscription to Animoto, business owners will have all of the tools to help them stand out by turning photos and video clips into shareworthy marketing videos and slideshow videos.

Watch their Marketing Video Builder to see just how easy it is for a business owner to create a professional slideshow.

Explore all Animoto Business Plans.

Have you ever created a video slideshow? What process did you use?

One thought on “Animoto: Marketing Video Builder for Business

  1. Thanks for bringing this company to our attention. I haven’t made any slideshows recently but years ago I had a program on my computer that made wonderful personal slideshows. Somehow I lost the program and can no longer remember the name. It was so easy to use. At work, I had to use the one furnished by the office so it was a professional one that was much more complicated.

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