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Memories Pizza

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Indiana Liberty Coalition’s “A Call to Courage” conference. I’d been Facebook friends with the leader of the group and knew that she and I held similar political and Christian views. The conference was only about 5 miles from my house. And last summer, there was a great deal on the price. How could I say no?

Memories Pizza

The first night, we heard from Kevin O’Connor, owner of Memories Pizza (see photo at the top). This man told the story of how his daughter worked at the family pizza place, and how one day she was approached by a media person asking her if she would serve pizza at a gay wedding. I should note that this was a couple of years ago, when Indiana was in the national news over this issue. His daughter called him and asked him what she should say. Her dad told her to just go with her convictions. She did — and unleashed a media storm. Mr. O’Connor, who came across as very down-to-earth, and as humble a person as you could imagine, described some of the hateful, profanity-laced calls and comments the family was subjected to because of this. And all for standing up for what God said in His word — wow. This is what out nation has come to.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education

The next day, Rhonda Miller spoke. She is the head of the Education division of Indiana Liberty Coalition. It was pretty freaky as she described what some teachers are teaching in many of our nation’s classrooms these days. One thing she mentioned was “comprehensive sexuality education.” This is a piece of legislature slated to be considered by the Indiana legislature in the coming year which promotes LGBT(add whatever other initials are tacked on by now) education, gender choices, and other very heavy-handed sexual topics. It tags itself as “medically accurate” and “anti bullying.” She emphasized that the terminology used in such bills is chosen carefully to sound inoffensive and even helpful to the general public (who would be against “anti bullying”?). You can learn more about this bill specifically at

Some things from my notes on her talk —

  • The United Nations is behind much of the gender-fluidity talk going on lately. Bill and Melinda Gates (yes, THAT Bill Gates) are also behind much liberal legislation.
  • Watch out for your child’s school on April 27, 2018 — this is noted in many schools as a “Day of Silence” during “Pride Week” when students stay silent to show solidarity with LGBTQRSTUV-whatever individuals.


Amy Schlichter talked about the pro-life efforts. I’ve been pro-life my whole life (how … ironic?) and found that the most moving part of her talk was this video that she showed. Watch and it I can’t imagine anyone not being moved by its very memorable depiction of all the lives lost to abortion:


Activist Mommy

Elizabeth Johnston came to fame as the “Activist Mommy;” she makes videos about various conservative topics. She indeed has conservative super-mom creds: she has 10 kids, all of which she birthed at home and homeschools, while traveling the nation speaking. WOW.

From Elizabeth —

  • Conservative Christians *are* the counter-culture today.
  • Target has faced $15 billion in losses since opening their bathrooms to any gender about a year ago. I know I’m one who hasn’t shopped Target since then (well, I did go in ONE TIME, but that was because my dad wanted to buy the girls Christmas treats and I had to go with them). But I throw away the Target ad each Sunday now, whereas previously I’d look through it and make note of any sale items I wanted to buy.
  • Liberal groups hope to erect a 45-foot statue of a naked woman in the Mall in Washington, DC soon. You can read more in the linked article, but good grief — just when you think our culture can’t sink much lower.
  • God has told us to ENDURE HARDSHIP — it’s not a matter of if we will face it, but just when. “Grit won’t quit!”
  • Luke 19:13: Jesus tells us “Occupy til I come.” Not sit back and wait for His return — not moan and whine — but occupy/stand firm.

#CalltoCourage Barronelle Stutzman

Barronelle Stutzman

The keynote speaker was Barronelle Stutzman. Barronelle is a sweet, 72-year-old lady who has owned a floral shop in Washington state for years. She talked about a man who frequently ordered flowers from her. She suspected he was gay, but obviously didn’t know. One day, he asked her to do flowers for his wedding. He told her he was marrying a man. She told him that, as a Christian, she just couldn’t do that. He told her that he understood and that his mom felt the same way. He asked for ideas on other florists, which she gave him.

A few days later, she was sued — personally and her business as well. I’m not sure whether the man wanting flowers instigated this, or whether the ACLU learned about him and encouraged it, but the lawsuit has gone on and on until now it’s before the Supreme Court. A prior judge, who ruled against Stutzman, told her that she was welcome to have her faith — but not to practice it. Wow.

We need to really pray about this case, because from the reading I’ve done, Stutzman could very well lose. Imagine if we are all forced to support homosexual marriage — abortion — or any number of other things coming down the road even if they contradict God’s word. Today the ones in the cross-hairs are florists, bakers, and photographers. But don’t dream that things will stop there. The thought police are out and before long we’ll be punished for even thinking the wrong things.

More …

I could go on quite a bit further — there were speakers on gun rights. While I support the second amendment, I honestly have no desire to shoot or own a gun. One speaker kind of cracked me up with her “passion for firearms” talk, just because I can’t imagine 🙂 But, when another speaker described a situation where a man she broke up with began stalking her and threatening to physically harm her, I could totally imagine that having a gun and learning how to use it was a totally appropriate and helpful response for her.

Monica Boyer, the head of Indiana Liberty Coalition, emphasized that none of us needs to try focusing on everything discussed — how exhausting that would be. Instead, choose the issue or two closest to your heart and start there.

What will I do with what I learned? Well, I’ve never been a very outspoken person. As a child, I hid my face in my plate when others sang “Happy Birthday” to me. As a teacher, I disliked confrontation and on at least one occasion hid when I spied an unpleasant parent heading down the hallway to my classroom. So I don’t think I’ll ever be the person to loudly stand up and state my opinions. But, the conference encouraged me to continue reading and informing myself. I’ll continue contacting my elected representatives and letting them know my views. I’ll continue educating my own kids about “the other side” of issues that they may not learn in school. Most of all, I’ll keep praying for God’s will to be done and for revival in our country.


Notes from the conference, along with the nifty little sword we were given —

One more note — if you live in Indiana you may want to “like” the Indiana Liberty Coalition page on Facebook.  I see that some “friends” from other persuasions have discovered the page and have left mean messages for the group — just in case you want to leave a positive one to even things up. I know I did 🙂

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  1. Wow, so much of this is eye-opening. Thanks for sharing. And I very much empathize with your next-to-last paragraph – I am not outspoken, either, and can’t imagine myself making speeches or carrying protest signs or even having a confrontational conversation. But there are quieter ways to have an influence, like you mentioned.

  2. Thanks for covering your conference. I know things are bad, but I didn’t know about some of these things. I can’t imagine a time in the history of our nation when we needed a spiritual revival more than now. I pray God will be merciful and send one.

    As to the Target issue, I too have boycotted them since the bathroom issue, but within the past year, I’ve heard a pastor in a conservative church say that boycotting them is being negatively biased. I totally disagree, and was blown away that he said it. I am going to have to break my boycott sooner or later, because I’ve been given a gift card for that store, and I’m not going to throw away the money.

  3. There is a wealth of information in your blog today. I am going to start being on Facebook and will definitely “like” Indiana Liberty Coalition A Call to Courage. It will be my first “like.” Even though I don’t live in Indiana, I consider myself a Hoosier!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing so much information with us about abortion and other sensitive subjects! Very enlightening and a call for prayer by all God-fearing Christians who follow the Bible’s teaching. Hearing your report really encouraged me to speak out more against such evils. I would love to attend such a conference as this should that opportunity come to the Ft. Wayne area again. I’m so glad that you took the time to be there!

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