Menu Plan Monday 10/9/17

Seymour Oktoberfest 2017

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday! I am relieved the weekend is over. It wasn’t relaxing at all, but it was filled with fun events. Near the end of last week, you might remember I went to my mom’s. I hadn’t realized that the timing coincided with the town’s Oktoberfest, so I spent a little time walking through that. You can see a glimpse in the photo above — do you see the guy in lederhosen, playing the accordion? There’s also a booth selling the delicious cake rolls that the girls have sold as band fundraisers for the past several years. I learned that you definitely get a better price buying them whole instead of by the slice at a festival!

#CalltoCourage Barronelle Stutzman

Friday night and Saturday, I attended a local conference with other conservative Christian women. It was really motivating to be among others with the same beliefs! One of the main speakers was Barronelle Stutzman, the Washington state florist who stands to lose her shop, her savings — basically everything she has if the Supreme Court decides against her in her case. She told us about it. A man, who was a friend and who she’d done flowers for for years, came in and asked if she would do flowers for his wedding — which was to a man. She told him she couldn’t, as a Christian. He said he understood, and that his mom felt the same way. Not long after, she was sued — both personally and her business as well. She said one judge told her she was free to have her own religion — just not to practice it. It’s disheartening to hear about many similar things happening in our nation now. It’s definitely time to pray, and pray some more.

Saturday night we went to a celebration of a neighbor who is turning 80. He and his wife really look great and are in fantastic shape for their age! We have done things with them for years. It was interesting to hear him talk about his life at the party — and the food was delicious as well 🙂

On Sunday after church, I went to our Botanical Gardens downtown and heard the local German choir sing. Wunderbar! Then I walked around and looked at a Blumenfest exhibit there. I was just quickly looking at a placard about our sister city in Germany, when something caught my eye.

Did you catch that the city is known for dying? Eesh, how depressing! Sometimes I think I missed my calling as an editor, because I’m constantly noticing things like this and they drive me nuts — although they amuse me as well. When I got home, I did a little research and learned that the city is, in fact, famous for DYEING. Thank goodness.

Menu Plan Monday

So, for the (hopefully quieter) week ahead —

Monday: food that our neighbors graciously sent home with us from the birthday party 🙂

Tuesday: pizza casserole — from an Amish Cook column that I enjoy reading

Wednesday: fish fillets baked on a cookie sheet along with various veggies, sprinkled with seasonings

Thursday: Made-Over Chicken Tetrazzini — from our “family favorites” cookbook; haven’t made in a while

Friday: Taco Soup — looks similar to this recipe

How has your week been? I hope the week to come will be great in your world. You can find more menu plan Monday ideas and recipes at OrgJunkie‘s.


7 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 10/9/17

  1. My goodness, you DID have a busy week! But it had a lot of highlights tossed in! I enjoyed our time shared. Right this second I am remembering: I forgot to send frozen zucchini back with you. That was one reason I asked you to bring a cooler! Maybe next time. . .

  2. What an interesting blog! It is a lot of fun to read about the various things you have done in the past week. I have no menu planned for this week because our older daughter will be visiting from Ohio and she wants seafood so we will be taking her out to eat. There are many great seafood restaurants here.

  3. I had to smile at your editorial thoughts. I’ve wondered the same thing about missing my calling – I find things like that all the time. One recipe I have says to place ingredients “in a bowel.” A shortcut, I guess (Ha!).

    What a fun weekend! But busy! I’d have to crash fore a while at home after that.

    So sad and frustrating about the baker, especially that this was done by a friend and not a random customer. And having a religion but not practicing it – seriously!!!

  4. You’ve had a very busy few days! I wouldn’t have been able to get it all in. It always amazes me that you enjoy doing things alone. I would not do those kinds of things alone. I simply wouldn’t enjoy it. Glad you had someone to go with you to the conference. But, how depressing!

  5. Sounds like a GREAT Weekend! That birthday cake alone was worth it! I’m glad you got to go to the conference. It’s salve after some of my political rants! Hope you week is enjoyable.

  6. Wow! You were even busier than usual! All good, though. All of the recipes sound good to me, because right now I am rather hungry 4 hours after having only a salad for lunch. 🙂 The pizza casserole intrigues me and the chicken tetrazzini stands out. Don’t know if I will ever get around to either one myself, because cooking for one is no fun. Let me know which of those two recipes you liked best at the end of week. I await your answer. 🙂

  7. Hope you can have a relaxing fall weekend soon! So interesting to read about your activities. The conference sounded so interesting. I find it ironic that people who aren’t involved in situations dig out the political controversy, and the people who were involved are quiet. Same thing happened with Roe Vs. Wade.

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