Menu Plan Monday 10/2/17

Homestead Spartan Alliance Band

Happy October, menu planners and friends! It was a great weekend here — lovely weather in the 60s (which was especially appreciated after the unusual upper 80s we’ve had recently), and a marching band festival hosted by our school on Saturday. I always volunteer at this and it is something I look forward to each year. I help in the “hospitality room,” where our band provides food for all the visiting 25 or so bands’ staffs to eat throughout the day. Then, later I helped at a concession stand. And I rounded the day out with watching Daughter #3’s band. I can’t imagine a more pleasant day.

We tried a new place for lunch yesterday, Blaze Pizza. It was really good! It amused me that the order taker obviously was unfamiliar with the name Susan. When I said it, she stood there thinking a moment before coming up with this. We’ve come so far from my childhood, when the name was so popular that I once remember having to be “Susan Ba” because even “Susan B” was already claimed in my classroom. The same thing happened a few weeks ago at Wendy’s, when the girl wrote my name as “Suzan.” Times change for sure. So watch out, all you Chloes and Olivias. Give it 40 years or so, and this will happen to you too.

Another fun thing — this is my birthday month, and already in my email I’ve gotten some great freebies: 10 points at Papa John’s (enough for free breadsticks or a dessert), $5 at Charming Charlies, a free Auntie Anne’s pretzel, and $10 from Kohl’s. I appreciate companies that offer birthday treats like that. If any of them interest you, you should sign up too.

Menu Plan Monday

This week will be extra busy because I am headed to southern Indiana to help my mom. This will result in a “you’re on your own” dinner night (won’t hurt anyone), and Daughter #2 making dinner on Friday. Here are the plans:

Monday: leftover buffet

Tuesday: Spaghetti pie — I’ve been making it for years.

Wednesday: leftover buffet, part 2 (the fridge is filling up)

Thursday: you’re on your own — my husband usually eats a can of pork & beans on such occasions; Daughter #2 will be at college, and Daughter #3 may make a sandwich?

Friday: Daughter #2 cooks!

More menu plan Monday ideas and recipes at OrgJunkie‘s. What are you doing this week?

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 10/2/17

  1. It was a lovely weekend here, too. Saturday was one of the most perfect days, weather-wise, I can remember in a long time. Have fun at your mom’s house.

  2. Sounds like a great day. Thanks for a reminder about spaghetti pie – I have a recipe I haven’t used in ages. but that might be just the thing to make something we all like yet change it up a bit.

  3. You are so faithful at volunteering with the school band! I’m sure they appreciate all your work and time. It was good to come home to Indiana Saturday night to nice weather and changing leaves. I cleaned out my hanging basket and fairy garden plants; then went to Michael’s for their 60% off fall sale for a new arrangement for the porch! Happy Birthday Month to you!

  4. I flat-out resigned again. I threw out two whole meals I “graciously” made last week. So, I’m having another pita pizza one night (made 2), the chickpea salad I posted last night and probably more salad or a homemade black bean/brown rice burrito!

  5. I am glad volunteering for the band brings you joy. I know your efforts are appreciated. It’s also a way you can stay close with your baby girl! When she graduates you will move on and find a new normal. Each season of life has its own delights! Inside I keep feeling like I’m about 16!

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