Top Dollar Tree Halloween Party Supplies

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Autumn has officially begun, and the next big holiday on the calendar is Halloween. Halloween has become a huge holiday for decorating and for parties. If you’re looking for items to give your house a spooky flair, or for Halloween party supplies, and you don’t want to break the bank in the process, have I got a great suggestion for you. Shop Dollar Tree!

I enjoy popping into Dollar Tree every month or so, just to see what they have in stock. Their inventory changes regularly, so you never know what new treasures you’ll find. Yet you can always count on finding seasonal goods. Here are my top 5 Dollar Tree Halloween Party Supplies.

Halloween Serving Trays

Halloween Serving TraysTrays are something you need for any party. And how cute are these serving trays for a Halloween party? They come in black or purple, and would look great for serving appetizers or other party treats. At just $1 each, you don’t have to worry about exactly how many to buy — just purchase a couple of extras. After the party, these would be great for letting the kids dump their trick-or-treat candy into to sort.

Halloween Light-Up Paper Lanterns

Halloween Light-Up Paper LanternsNeed some fun decor to give the house a spooky flair? I love these Halloween light-up paper lanterns. They’re cute and not creepy (I’m not really into gory, creepy Halloween things). Each is 8″ in diameter and you can push the on/off switch to light them up, using 2 AAA batteries (not included). Even if you’re not planning a Halloween party, these would look cute in your front room as you greet trick-or-treaters.

Skull-Embossed Plastic Tumblers

Skull Embossed Plastic Tumblers
At every party, guests need something to drink. These skull-embossed plastic tumblers are just right for drinks at a Halloween party. They’re lightweight and have a definite fall look. I would pack these up in my bin of Halloween decor and bring them out each October for the kids to use throughout the month. They’re just fun!

Self-Inflating Foil Balloons

Self-Inflating Foil Balloons
Confession time: I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a self-inflating balloon. There is! And here they are. These colorful Halloween designs are perfect for small Halloween party decor, or for giving out to trick-or-treaters. Each pack contains four small balloons. You smack the package and the balloon inflates and bursts from its package. I have no doubt that kids would love these.

Mini Tinsel Halloween Characters

Mini Tinsel HalloweenI love the vintage look of these Mini Halloween Tinsel Decorations! They measure 4.5 – 6″, and I can imagine them looking really cute sitting on window ledges or other small spaces throughout the house. Fun idea: choose one for a family game during October. Let’s say it’s the black cat: let one family member hide him somewhere in the house. The first person to find him announces his location, and then hides him in another spot. This continues through the month until Halloween day. Our family does something like this with a little reindeer for Christmas during December. It’s a fun tradition!

Shop your local Dollar Tree to find these great Halloween party items, or you can order at the site as well. What Dollar Tree Halloween items are your favorite?

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  1. Since October moves in this Sunday, it’s high time I get out my fall decorations.. So far, the “spirits” have not moved me to do so. I have plenty as is, in fact I use a small percentage of my inventory. A lot of mine are old homemade items with memories. Happy Trick or Treating!

  2. I love Dollar Tree and plan to stop there tomorrow. Our store runs out of seasonal decorations really fast. When I shop there, I find so many items I can use. I love not knowing what I might run across.

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