Menu Plan Monday 9/25/17

Menu Plan Monday

Happy 90-degree autumn Menu Plan Monday to all you friends out there. What crazy weather we’ve been having here in the Midwest. Daughter #3 survived her 22-hour day in Toledo over the weekend with the band performing twice in an outdoor stadium with full uniforms on. At the Indiana competition where the band usually spends this Saturday, I read that 18 ambulances arrived to take kids away in the heat. Finally the police intervened and said the competition had to be moved inside. Marching band: it can be pretty intense! My daughter’s band won their competition and it sounded like a great, if extremely long, day for them.

It looks like our intense heat will stick around for the first part of this week. Then, thankfully, things will improve. Here is the menu plan for the last week of September around here:

Monday: Skillet Lasagna – easier than β€œregular” lasagna, and good. Plus, I still have garden tomatoes to use πŸ™‚

Tuesday: Chicken and Corn Enchiladas — torn from a magazine recently. I don’t think this is quite the same as the recipe I tore out — mine doesn’t contain kale or feta cheese — but otherwise it’s close. One nice thing is that it contains cilantro, which I just had to buy last week for another recipes. That’s one of those items that can be hard to use up before it goes bad.

Wednesday: Curried Lentil and Chickpea Stew β€” it should be cooler today, plus soup/stew is an easy thing to prepare on busy piano lesson days.

Thursday: chicken stir fry — basically just a chicken breast shredded and stir fried in a skillet with carrot, alfalfa sprouts, snap peas (frozen from the garden), and served with rice.

Friday: White Chicken Chili — lately I’ve been making this easy recipe, which was on the Bush’s White Chili Beans label. Really quick, and tasty too. If you live near a Meijer — when they have the 10/$10 sales, check out the Stonefire Mini Naan breads, which are always on sale for $1 at my store. They are delicious, and go great with soup.

More menu plan Monday ideas and recipes at OrgJunkieβ€˜s. What is new in your world this week?


6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 9/25/17

  1. I am thrilled about the Homestead Band’s results Saturday. It is wonderful for their new band director! I made an early run today and treated myself to Hardee’s biscuit and gravy. It is not a healthy choice, but it was a fun change from my normal oatmeal. Here’s to a good week!

  2. Cilantro lasts a lot longer if you put it in a glass with some water and cover it loosely with a baggie. Change the water.
    How did they move a marching band competition inside??

  3. The chief meteorologist on one of our TV stations maintains that it was hotter in GR on two days last week than at any other place in the country including Death Valley or Florida. I’ve been reminded this past week of one reason I decided not to retire in Florida. As a retired missionary, I could have retired there for $400/month, which seemed pretty enticing, but to lave to live in heat like we’ve had here recently during the entire year, or much of it, just does not interest me. The other reason was distance from family, of course.

    Remind me that I wrote this when we are having inches/feet of snow in the winter!

  4. All of your choices for dinners this week sound very appealing to me at this point in my life! The only one that I would turn down is the white chili on Friday, because I always want my chili to be red. πŸ™‚
    Haven’t been to a grocery store in over 3 weeks now due to the final stage of illness and death of my husband. Don’t plan to go anytime soon either. I am trying to use up what’s in my freezers, so I can start over. Also, I have had no desire to cook anything yet, and my stomach still churns every time that I try to eat so far. While this problem likely won’t continue much longer, I have shed at least 12 lbs. during the past month. Now all I have to do is keep on eating a whole lot less so I can lose another 20 lbs. yet. That is my goal.

  5. I would just totally melt in heat like that. I wonder why they don’t move the competition to a cooler time of year.

    I clicked on the Skillet Lasagna link but it took me to a Disney site. I searched for Skillet Lasagna there but it said it didn’t have it.

  6. Ooh – skillet lasagna sounds easier to make. I’ll have to try it with gluten-free noodles. I had no digestive issues the last two weeks in Europe, so I have to conclude it’s our flour. I LOVE the Mediterranean diet! Congratulations to the band!!

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